Face framing blonde balayage hair color

Blonde hair moment: Blonde balayage hair color trend 2021!

Blonde balayage hair dye is a hand-painted coloring technique used to mix blonde hair dye into the hair. After achieving the balance effect, it can brighten the hair and have a specific size, making it inconspicuous when it grows naturally. When the golden balayage hue is mixed into the hair, it creates a natural hair color. Long dirty blonde hair. Thanks to the platinum highlights, enjoy the volume and depth without affecting the brightness of the lock. Don’t forget to dye your hair with purple shampoo to prevent the brass from falling off!

How to Style Curtain haircut with bangs for women?

Curtain Bangs can completely transform a woman’s look. When done correctly, they boost a style; however, when wrongly done or wrong kinds of bangs are selected, they can have bad results. The below video tutorial will help you understand how you can style the curtain bangs the right way.

29 Braided or Curly Hairstyles for Long and Thin Hair

Winter is coming, what hairstyle are you going to change?
I find these hairstyles are super popular this year. Compared with brown and red, these hairstyles are more advanced.
So those girls who dare not try novel hairstyles can feel at ease. Just follow these hairstyles.

41 Amazing Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair And Medium Hair

In fact, Bob hairstyle is a general term for a type of hairstyle. How many kinds of Bob hairstyles do you know? Long Bob, Wavy Bob, Blunt Bob? With the change of different bangs, Bob hairstyle have too many shapes. If you just want to change your hairstyle, try the following Bob hairstyle!

38 Cool Men’s Beard Styles for Both Long Beard and Short Beard

Many fashion men hope to have a mature and sexy charm. Then, growing a beard is definitely a very personalized choice. Of course, Beard is not left casually. Otherwise, it will make people feel dirty. Any beard needs careful trimming and maintenance. For men with quality in the West, this is actually a good habit developed from adulthood. So what kind of beard is popular this year? Follow us to experience the following characteristics of men’s beard.

Wanna Lose Weight and Age Without Changing Your Hairstyle? Just Get 70s Bangs!

What is “70s bangs”? Are you familiar with this word and a little vague? In fact, the so-called “70s bangs” is like a curtain. The 70s bangs only needs opened in the middle of the bangs to expose the triangular forehead. This kind of 70s bangs is the bangs that many female stars love. This kind of 70s bangs can make you lose several kgs visually.

The Most Hit Haircuts in 2020, Good-looking People Have Done!

The annual popular color recommended to you before-classic blue. It has also become the main hair color of many stars in 2020 haircut.
Before coloring hair, many girls would ask Tony to cut a new 2020 haircut incidentally. Only when you dress up from head to toe can you look good.
Intimate, we have found a popular hairstyle in 2020 for everyone. There will always be one suitable for you!

59 Trending Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes and Brown Hair

You know, the current popular hair color has begun to draw close to the life color. The hair color of low-key color system is the first choice for trendsetters. Many of them can dye without bleaching. For hair color in summer, it recommends to try blue wood hair color. Also, cold brown hair color, etc. If you want to be more energetic, choose orange hair color. Because it can make your skin seem super white! Next, let’s introduce some current popular hair colors.