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Wedding dress, also known as “wedding dress of Love”

The wedding dress carries every bride’s dream of the wedding.

The wedding dress does not need to be perfect,
Many brides have a misunderstanding about choosing wedding dresses.

Is it the first choice for luxurious tailed long yarn? 

but it must make you feel free at the wedding.

82 Amazing Wedding Jewelry and Accessory Ideas Including Earrings and Finger Rings

Jewels and accessories can say to be icing on the cake for the bride’s shape. But jewels and accessories can not match casually. There must be a certain composition. Do you want to create a perfect bride style at the wedding? In addition to a delicate wedding dress, jewels and accessories are also needed. Next, let’s take a look at the four essential accessories for the wedding. First of all, exquisite hair accessories. Among wedding jewels and accessories, an exquisite hair accessory is essential. Whether it is noble hair or elegant hair. Or, capable short hair needs jewels and accessories. Because jewels and accessories can make the bride more charming at the wedding. If the bride wants to be noble and elegant, she can choose a crown jewels and accessories. Besides, if you want to show the retro style, then a chic feather comb is essential.

62 Wedding Flower Arrangements for Beach and Boho Style

The wedding flowers used for the wedding should not only look good, but also play a “foil” role. How should wedding flowers be designed to better conform to the wedding style? Can it play a role in drawing the finishing touch? When you consider the flower decoration used on the wedding day, you must choose the seasonal flowers. Even if you have a special preference for some kind of flower, if it does not belong to this season, considering the “availability” of the environment at that time, you should not insist on using it again and again. In addition, the choice and design of flower decoration should also be matched with the style of wedding dress and wedding ceremony. You can’t just focus on the preferences of yourself and your relatives and friends.

60+ Elegant Wedding Dress Designs with Long Sleeves and Short Sleeves

Wedding dress is almost the dream of all girls. The white wedding dress bears many people’s expectations for love and their yearning for sweetness. Every girl expects to enter the wedding hall and become the Princess in her dream, wearing the most precious wedding dress once in a lifetime, you are the most beautiful as a bride. Fresh and casual without exaggeration, only an interesting marriage can last for a long time. The spoiling in eyes and the smile on lips are more than thousands of exaggerated embellishments. The sense of ceremony is indispensable. Everyone has different ways of interpretation. There is no conflict between Shanda and simplicity. There is love in heart and you are the most important thing in eyes.

71 Stunning Floral Wedding Ideas for Your Arch and Invitations

Brides holding wedding in spring, cheer up! You get married on the most beautiful day of the year, and many common wedding flowers are about to bloom. For you, first of all, you can obtain flowers such as peony with wider channels and lower prices. If it is changed to other seasons, the price will be high. Secondly, you can buy local flowers, which not only reduces the “ecological footprint”, but also promotes the development of local industries. The following are ten kinds of beautiful flowers blooming in spring. In the staged wedding, flowers are one of the indispensable roles. Flowers can be displayed in every part of the staged wedding. We find many kinds of flower arrangement methods, which are suitable for the celebration of any staged wedding style!

50 Fantastic Boho Wedding Ideas for Cakes and Dresses

Bohemian style is probably the most frequently heard style in clothing, and it is also a synonym for romance and freedom. People who love boho wedding seem to bring their own unique artist temperament, eager to break the traditional life mode. This free and rebellious spirit of boho wedding also fascinates countless people. boho wedding is just a few simple elements, but it can express strong style and opinion, and the theme of boho wedding is often the most direct reflection of the new couple’s character. The newcomers who love the romantic boho wedding must have the unruly soul of pursuing freedom.

50 Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas for Outdoor Weddings and Indoor Weddings

It is very important for the new couple to arrange a perfect wedding. So, how to make your wedding ceremony decor more hipster? wedding ceremony decor is one of the most important parts of the wedding. A good wedding ceremony decor can bring a sense of romance, warmth, high level and so on to the wedding. There are also many materials for wedding ceremony decor, and balloons are one of the most commonly used materials, because balloons have various colors and can also form different shapes to create atmosphere. Next, let’s talk about how to arrange the wedding and what are the precautions for hipster wedding ceremony decor.

60 Dream Wedding Dresses in Boho and Beach Style

Silk Pearl wedding dress. At first glance, it is a wedding dress showing the atmosphere. The dual design of V + hollowing out has become one of the highlights of this wedding dress. At the wedding, it shows your sexy time, the pearls on the flowers are also very eye-catching. The slim design makes people infatuated, and the overall effect is full of sexy and romantic. The texture of silk and satin looks Noble and classy, and the white color is quite pure, waiting for you to enjoy it ~

35 Fantastic Wedding Guest Dresses for Outdoors and Indoors

From the Royal Family, female stars to ordinary people, they all began to enter the one-year marriage peak. Attending various weddings has become the reason why many people go to the market on weekends. Attending a wedding requires decent wedding guest dresses. What to wear for the wedding? Neither too eye-catching nor humiliating the newcomers. Generally, friends are about the same age as the bride and groom, and men are mainly in suits or formal clothes. Don’t be too casual, T-shirts and jeans are not suitable. Women usually give priority to dresses, skirts should not be too short, it is better to be over knees, colors should not be too bright, wedding guest dresses should be generous and decent.

40 Elegant Wedding Cakes with Cupcakes and Flowers

More and more brides like to customize their own wedding cakes and are very particular about wedding cakes. Modern wedding cakes are not limited to traditional styles, and there are many choices. There are single-layer cakes and multi-layer cakes, and there are various types such as square and round. Compared with single-layer wedding cake, multi-layer wedding cake gives people a more luxurious feeling. Even if there is no rostrum, a wedding cake of such size can be seen by every guest in a large meeting place, leaving a deep impression on the guests.