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36 Easy Planting Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

People who raise more meat can say to love and hate the landing of roots. Love it is very friendly to beginners. I hate that it grows full of holes without paying attention to it.

Broadly speaking, landing rooting is a general term for a class of succulent plants. The biggest feature of this kind of fleshy is that the edge of the blade is mostly serrated or waved. And in the sunken place (called “Bud base”), there will be indefinite buds.

Buy a pot of meat, and you will soon get one piece. They are different from other succulent plants of the genus galanea:

1. Indefinite buds will occur at the edge of the blade where sawtooth or wave depression occurs. 2. Flowers are tubular or bell-shaped, drooping and open.

The first point is hardly found in other species of the genus galanea. And the second point is rarely found. However, Kalanchoe manginii is a special case. They have tubular drooping flowers, but there are no leaves that can grow indefinite buds.

The fallen succulent buds will take root and grow quickly when they encounter some dust. It won’t take long for you to see a large piece of meat. If you don’t take action, if you go on like this, you can harvest the meat of a yard, and you can’t even shovel it out.

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