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50 DIY Garden Layout Plans for Your Back Yard and Front Yard

“There is a garden in the House. A house in the garden, a yard in the House, trees in the garden, seeing the sky on the tree, reading in the sky. Isn’t it a pleasure!” This kind of house with garden is the dream of people living in every era. Everyone has his own garden in his heart. Or blooming flowers, or simple and concise, or deep walls and courtyards. Enjoy a sense of concealment and quietness; or face the sea, take a piece of sea and sky.

In some people’s eyes, even the first floor is always the most popular as long as it has a garden type. Also, it’s the same with the top floor of a commercial residential building. The garden can be small, but as long as you can make yourself play and satisfy your dream about the garden, it is enough. After your careful design, your garden carries your yearning for a better life. As soon as you enter the room, your garden is amazing. There seems to be a little poetic lingering in the garden. Turf, green brick road and sea of flowers of the rose become the most beautiful bright spot of your garden.

Trending Designs for Small Front Yards– Part 1

Plants are the most indispensable thing in the garden. Flowers, plants, like family members, need to treated with heart. When designing the flowers and plants in the garden, attention should paid there. For example, the proportion of the local and the whole. Don’t overstand the flowers and trees in the garden. Because that makes the whole garden lose coordination. If your garden is relatively large, you can plant tall deciduous trees around the fence. For example, Metasequoia, Elm, Willow, suspense. This solves the problem of privacy between neighbors. Also, it beautifies your garden. Do you set vegetation, flowers and plants, mountains and stones in the garden? If so, it’s to realize the appreciation of the natural landscape.

You know, the garden is also a small garden for family’s daily leisure. Someone will build a small shed in the garden to shield the wind and rain, which makes the garden full of sentiment. A table and several chairs put down in the shed, and your garden is the best leisure area. The privacy of the garden is not so strong. So, vegetation, flowers and plants, mountains and stones can be set in the garden. It helps to realize the appreciation of the natural landscape. The garden on the first floor can be a small garden for family’s daily leisure. To create a Leisure garden, the choice of plants should be few and exquisite. According to the habits of plants, it’s better to combine trees and surface vegetation. As a result, there are scenery in the garden in four seasons.

Trending Designs for Small Front Yards– Part 2

Today, we will take you into the world of the garden and share some super beautiful cases, especially the construction of a small-area garden, hoping to inspire everyone’s design or construction of the garden. The 40-square-foot garden is not big, but the demand for functions is also quite a few, which needs to meet the ornamental value and maximize the use of space at the same time. How to make this small garden play its maximum function?

The hard condition of the garden determines that there is not much space to display, and the designer can only improve the whole sense of space from the design style and color matching. Of course, we should also try to blend in fashion elements. The garden adopts idyllic style, praising the garden life of relaxing body and mind and restarting energy. Considering the tranquil living atmosphere, adding American style elements on the basis of pastoral style creates a simple and comfortable texture garden space as a whole. The color of the garden is mainly light and elegant slate color and antique white color. Randomly planted flowers make the decorative lines of the whole garden clean and concise.

Modern Designs for Medium Size Back Yard– Part 1

American pastoral style garden usually has simplified lines and rough volume. The color design is also relatively light. Therefore, the overall presentation effect of the garden adopts wood, stone, Vine, bamboo and other materials and elements, and integrates various natural decoration elements into the later details and accessories. The garden adopts light blue, complementing each other with the outline of the surrounding small flowers. As night falls, the plant greening in the garden is elaborately dotted with the garden, which fully shows the leisure and comfortable living environment pursued by American pastoral style design.

The use of garden lighting makes American pastoral style show the owner’s taste, hobbies and life values to a great extent. Walk into the garden from the room and open a door to enjoy the fresh air in the morning. A simple afternoon tea is the enjoyment of full marks, feeling the freshness and beauty of the booth and waterscape, which makes the color of the garden no longer single. The design of the garden sketch makes the space full of sunshine, and the wooden platform makes the whole garden show a natural comfort. The decorative surface of the garden pays attention to the point to the end, which not only saves space for the owners, but also makes people not look too complicated to cause visual fatigue.

Modern Designs for Medium Size Back Yard– Part 2

The designer’s understanding of the simple American garden is free and lively. The existing natural landscape is a part of the landscape design and expression of the garden, which adds elements such as streams, grasslands, shrubs and so on to the effect of nature, which enriches the landscape of the garden. As soon as you enter the garden, you can see the romantic dandelion pattern designed with weather-resistant steel plate at a glance, and the round light adds warm atmosphere to the indoor space of the garden.

Walking forward, you can see the green lawn matched with Yellowstone, which makes your garden look extremely lovely under the camera. Stone is used to pile up rockery waterscape, and a personalized blue bridge is built on it, which greatly improves the beauty of the garden. The combination of tiny gold gravel and round hard slate, surrounded by plants and stone, creates the effect of natural landscape. The pool design of the garden is a highlight. The pool next to the French window is close to the wall. The White Building matches with the blue swimming pool, which is refreshing and magnificent, supplemented by the sky-blue rattan stand, improves the style of the whole garden space. At the end of the path in the garden is a small gray wooden door, and the other side is decorated with a leaf-pattern iron fence and red maple, reflecting a strong American style.

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