60+ Charming Almond Nail Ideas for Both Short and Long Nails

Almond nails are most suitable to match with Crystal armor or art manicure, and they are very popular in Central Europe and Asia. Stars also love to try sharp and gorgeous almond nails, for example, Fergie and Lady Gaga love this shape very much.

But the almond nails are not suitable for everyone to try. They will definitely make the fingernails thinner. Therefore, if the born fingernails are too big or too small, or the fingers are relatively strong, neither of them is suitable for this kind of almond nail shape.

The Meaning of Almond Nails

Almond nails are a kind of three-dimensional expression that strongly wants to express its own style. The love for new fashion, the tracking of fashion and the popularity of publicity can all be found from these 10 pointed corners, just like the black and white leopard-print pointed armor, it is wilder than round head and square head nail.
Sticking diamonds or bowknots on nails has always been regarded as a sweet way of expression, but when girls’ hearts and roughness are combined into one, that contradictory collision will also make people fascinated.

The Most Fashionable Almond Nails

In terms of the darkest and darkest color, black is the king. So, black almond nails are one of the perfect choice. It is as rich as late at night, which can’t be seen clearly and can’t be guessed. All kinds of deep meanings are waiting to be experienced slowly. Once decorated like thorns, that sense of mystery will sweep the whole body instantly.
There is nothing to play on almond nails! From lovely flowers, shiny drill to creepy vivid skeleton, there are ten independent paintings on ten slender Jade fingers! All in all, these kinds of almond nails is sharp enough and wild enough!

Classy Almond Nails

Are you tired of the cute and cute almond nails on the street? If you nod your head, you must learn from the almond nails recommended by Mr. orange! Absolutely make you the coolest and most extraordinary one in the crowd! Ahem, but be careful not to poke others or yourself.
In the choice of patterns, you can exaggerate some choices of various dazzling accessories, and you can also choose relatively low-key marble matte patterns. Autumn and winter seem to match matte almond nails better.

Almond Nails Pattern Painting

Classic pattern, brand new interpretation, what is the most popular in the circle of fashionistas now? It is the innovation of classics. The following is the manicure pattern painting, let’s learn about it together:
1: Prepare nail polish, flash glue and nail polish.
2: First coat all the nails with red nail polish. After the nail polish dries, use red glare glue to draw vertical stripes side by side on the nails.
3: Then fill the interspace in the middle with yellow flash glue. (Note: the glue should not be too thick, otherwise it is hard to dry )!
4: Draw stripes on the fingernails of the thumb. After the nail polish dries, apply a layer of nail polish to keep the nails longer!

Fashion Striped Almond Nails Painting

Step 1: Prepare the required nail polish and tools, trim the nails and polish the nail surface. Brush the primer and light for 60 seconds.
Step 2: stick French Adhesive paper on the index finger according to the composition.
Step 3: stick French Adhesive paper on the other nails, and then brush white, yellow and orange nail polish on the back edge of the nails for 60 seconds.
Step 4: tear off the French Adhesive paper.
Step 5: Use a Hook pen to fill the front edge of the nail with white, red and green nail polish respectively, and light the light for 60 seconds.
Step 6: dip the Hook pen in yellow, red, orange and green nail polish respectively to draw oblique lines on the white color block of the nail, and light the light for 60 seconds.
Step 7: complete the pattern of thumb in the same way and light for 60 seconds.
Step 8: After the nails are completely dried, finally put on bright oil to finish this style

Tips of Almond Nails

The first impression when I saw the almond nails was full of “feminine flavor”, thin and long, which made people moved. Almond nails themselves are full of feminine charm, suitable for decorative flowers or soft patterns decorated with rhinestones. The fashion trend of spring and summer affected by the sweet fashion of clothing in 1950s, the makeup of almond nails return to nature, instead of paying more attention to the decoration of rhinestone or Adhesive paper, the key to fashion is that the beauty and health of fingernails are equal.

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