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68 Best Spring Nails 2022 Trends You Can’s Resist

Suppose you are looking for cute nail art ideas to complement your spring outfits. You’re in the right direction. Whether you have a printed dress, a pink sweater, or ripped jeans, you need spring nail designs to elevate your spring look. These are perfect for spring, from pale pinks, neutrals, pastels, and French manicures to floral nail designs. We have so many lovely new spring nails 2022 trends and spring nails art designs and nail polish colors for you to explore and try this spring.

However, some things remain constant. Almost every nail expert said almond nails would continue to dominate this spring because the shape looks good on everyone’s hands. “Most people like this shape of nails,” says celebrity manicurist and founder of Los Angeles Nail Co., Brittney Boyce. “Some people have too narrow a nail bed, and the thinner the coffin or stiletto shape, the better. It looks too thin. Others have wider nail beds, and the shape of the coffin doesn’t look good.”

Perfect Spring nail color and nail design art

Metallics bring a little dark glamour when it comes to color, but the muted colors are the real star. Pastel nails are always in trend in spring, but we’re moving away from Easter egg-like pastel shades in favor of more affluent, more wearable colors like matcha green and Monet blue this year. Read on to find out the best nail art trends this spring so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Best Spring Nails 2022 Trends You Can's Resist

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