Blonde hair moment: Blonde balayage hair color trend 2021!

Blonde balayage hair dye is a hand-painted coloring technique used to mix blonde hair dye into the hair. After achieving the balance effect, it can brighten the hair and have a specific size, making it inconspicuous when it grows naturally. When the golden balayage hue is mixed into the hair, it creates a natural hair color.

If you are born with black hair (brunette):

Adding golden highlights is the best way to make up. “I just came back from a 2-week beach vacation. Please note that it may take several times to get the desired blonde shade. However, a bleached blonde can get you there faster.

If your hair is natural blonde:

You must be looking for some difference. I suggest that you add some brighter highlights or darker low lights to create a natural size and draw attention.
Whether you are looking for bright platinum, Golden gold, or taupe tones, you can find all the inspiration sources for golden balayage hair coloring!

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Styles

Long dirty blonde hair. Thanks to the platinum highlights, enjoy the volume and depth without affecting the brightness of the lock. Don’t forget to dye your hair with purple shampoo to prevent the brass from falling off!

Fool everybody and make them believe that the whole summer worth spending on the beach is spent under the glass window. Its adjustability is extreme, and you can decide how much hair you want to highlight.

Baby blonde balayage hair color 2021

Although the icy platinum hue has been in fashion, we expect you to see a wave of blonde beauties on your IG feed in 2021. The blond baby is a shade close to platinum but always with a subtle warm breath. This hue keeps you in line with cool-toned blonde hair, while the added warmth makes the tone slightly less maintained.

Face framing blonde balayage hair color

Of course, we are used to seeing blonde hair, but according to Pureology Art Director Jamie Weili, blonde girls are becoming braver and braver in the salon.

“I predict that blondes will step out of their habits and bravely face the blondes of 2021. So it is fascinating for me, as the colorist behind the chair – recommend different types for them Blonde girl, also recommend different positions,”

Weili said that one of the most needed placements is the highlight of the facial frame.

Weili said: “We have seen the introduction of the 90s in 2020, but this will continue to exist.” “So the color in front is a bit heavy, the position is different, and the tone is different.”

Blonde hair color for medium-length lob hair and short hair

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