52 Elegant and Breathtaking Fall Acrylic Nail Designs for Both Short and Long Nails

Every season, besides buying clothes and shoes, it is also indispensable for women to do nails. You can do some hipster on nails, with colorful patterns.
Today we share 52 beautiful nails. Follow it!
Transparent nails a is suitable for all seasons of the year. In autumn and winter, choose purple and bean pink jelly colors. This will be very gentle.

Cute and Unique Acrylic Coffin Halloween Nail Design Ideas

I ‘d like to share with you today,
The popular Halloween nails style in 2020. There are many elements related to Halloween nails.
Like cute little pumpkin, cute little ghost, etc,
Can be the pattern on Halloween nails!
Halloween nails are a combination of multiple elements.
Things that don’t have the chance to draw at ordinary times can be arranged!

29 Cute and Graceful Pedicure Ideas for Summer and Fall

For women who love beauty, you must often go to nail shops to get pedicure, right? But each pedicure costs dozens of dollars. If you go too much, it will be very expensive. Get pedicure at home, saving time and money. Hurry up and decorate your beautiful feet.

35 Gorgeous Acrylic Butterfly Nails in Blue, Pink and Other Colors

This year really popularize butterfly element.
All kinds of earrings, hair accessories. Even the clothes have butterfly elements.
So let’s share a set of butterfly nails today.

Plus this year’s very popular Aurora.
Aurora + butterfly nails are perfectly matched by gods.
Because three-dimensional butterfly nails and immortal Aurora are a wonderful combination. And that will not go wrong in any match.

Fashion Baddie Nails, Follow the Mainstream of This Season!

Accessories of baddie element can also applied to nails. The fashionable metal texture of Baddie nails is so beautiful that it is highly praised!
The trend of such fresh baddie nails must seen first. Then come and enjoy baddie nails with me.
The explosive baddie element decorated on the nails. And the glossiness emitted is very attractive. Besides, the effect of the small ornaments with golden baddie nails is very good.