60 Chic short pastel nails design art for spring nails !

Pastel nail polish is like a hug in a bottle. Even if you don’t consider yourself a unicorn-loving, cute-nail-colour-wearing person – there’s something about the allure of baby blue, mint green, dusty pink and lilac that’s hard to ignore. Plus with spring just around the corner, it might just be finally time to break up with your dark, wintry polishes.

Spring nails | Super cute Easter nails design for 2021!

Before you know it, Easter, which falls on April 4 this year, will be just around the corner. And would you believe that all of our favorite things — baskets brimming with candy, adorable bunny motifs, pretty pastels, and breezy floral dresses—are the perfect inspiration for a cute DIY Easter nails?

Spring nails | Hottest short almond nails shape design for 2021

Seeking spring nails art ideas that are capable of reflecting the way you feel and also the way springtime makes you feel? When the spring begins, it tends to alter our mood and makes us want to dance. And we wish to share this joy with everyone around us. And nail shape also plays a important role in our nail art. Short almond shape nail never go out of fashion . So today we’ve collected more than 30+ short almond nails for Spring nails in colors.

Spring nails design, Eye-catching Green nails art is a good choice!

Recently, I found a cold color manicure, milk Green, simple and elegant green style of pure color manicure, with a simple metal small ring, super high-grade and temperament, as long as the green is not fluorescent color, grass green, dark green and so on are all colors that make your hands look white. With the smudges mentioned in the previous issue, it is super beautiful whether it is milky white or milky tea!

30 Fabulous Ombre short nails ideas worthy trying 2021!

Today we have 30 gorgeous ombre short nails to show you. We have low-key color combos, vibrant manis and more. Take a look to get some new ideas. You can even try recreating some of these yourself as there are lots of easy to follow ombre nail tutorials online.

51 Trending and Delicate Long Acrylic Nails for Christmas and This Winter

Some nails styles can last forever. No matter how the fashion changes, these classic nails will never be out of date. As the most junior nails style, color jumping is funfamental style that most people choose. Don’t know what nails style to do? Choose the most classic one with monochrome + silver. In addition, one finger is also the favorite of hipsters.

28 Elegant and Amazing Acrylic Long Nails for Winter

As soon as it gets cold, I find that the color in my wardrobe is getting darker and darker and more plain. So I think about adding color to myself every day. In addition to the big pieces of bag accessories, nails is also a treasure land with a lot of space to play. I am completely a nails demon, and I have tried more and more styles. And my aesthetic orientation is becoming more and more exaggerated. Every time you stretch out your hand and stare at your nails, you feel that the sailor can change in the next second!

42 Cute Short Acrylic and Gel Nail Ideas for Winter

Make your hands beautiful in winter! For winter, making a beautiful nails to set off the atmosphere is nacessary. You can also use nails to dress yourself up everyday. Winter is the season to wear all kinds of knitted sweaters. Why can’t you move to your nails? Choose some warm colors, such as beige and pink. Inlaid with knitted printed patterns, you can make your nails simple and not simple.

52 Elegant and Breathtaking Fall Acrylic Nail Designs for Both Short and Long Nails

Every season, besides buying clothes and shoes, it is also indispensable for women to do nails. You can do some hipster on nails, with colorful patterns.
Today we share 52 beautiful nails. Follow it!
Transparent nails a is suitable for all seasons of the year. In autumn and winter, choose purple and bean pink jelly colors. This will be very gentle.

Cute and Unique Acrylic Coffin Halloween Nail Design Ideas

I ‘d like to share with you today,
The popular Halloween nails style in 2020. There are many elements related to Halloween nails.
Like cute little pumpkin, cute little ghost, etc,
Can be the pattern on Halloween nails!
Halloween nails are a combination of multiple elements.
Things that don’t have the chance to draw at ordinary times can be arranged!