Colorful Acrylic Nails in Summer? No, Skin Color Is Your Mr. Right.

Drawing nails or acrylic nails?
Girls who love beauty constantly change the color and form of acrylic nails on their hands.
It can say that girls make nude acrylic nails regardless of seasons. I often make skin color acrylic nails in winter with my hands in my hands.
Now summer is coming, fingers can “see the light.
Of course, I have to make a beautiful skin color acrylic nails for myself.

65 Classy Nail Polish Ideas Including Nail Coat and Nail Colors

The modification of nails is an important part of women’s beauty. Women who love nails always like to apply nail polish on their nails. However, before beautifying the nails, Learn about nail coat and nail colors in nail polish process. Remember, When applying nail polish, first base the nails. Before applying nail polish, you must …

30+ Amazing Summer Nail Ideas with Coffin Shape and Acrylic Shape

The dizzy dyed nails of summer nails test the art attainments and creativity of manicurists, so it is better to carefully choose the basic nail polish color of summer nails that you like, the more pink the summer nails are, the more hazy the beauty they have. You are right. Cat’s eye summer nails are still hot every year, and they match well with laser and gold foil. The summer nails in the deep and light colors are beautiful, so beautiful that I have nothing to say! In terms of girls and shyness, who else except the blush armor of summer nails? Ears can be blushed, summer nails should also be pink and lovely, vibrant!

50 Colorful Gel Nail Designs for Short Nails and Long Nails

Do you remember the last time you made gel nails? The delicate gel nails made for the Spring Festival have already disappeared, and some left bad tails. Is it digging, tearing, or biting…… Since you can’t go to a nail salon, then learn simple and fashionable gel nails at home! Move your fingers and you will find that there are countless beautiful patterns of gel nails in the spring and summer of 2020. Although gel nails are beautiful, manicurists have to make patterns of gel nails for several hours. We can choose to give up directly. We have selected the most fashionable, popular and simple gel nails for you!

76 Charming Acrylic Nails for Long Nails and Short Nails

The Pen of “crystal” points to the fingertips, raising hands and throwing feet to shuttle through the colors. The art of Acrylic nails has developed from evolved objects to artworks for 30 years, which can be described as a long development. Some people may think of “stink” when they hear acrylic nails, but people who are familiar with acrylic nails can know that acrylic nails can shape a perfect A. The color of acrylic nails is changeable, and the color of acrylic nails is crystal clear and transparent. It can not only foil the elegant temperament of women, but also show unique personality beauty, showing charming elegant you. Acrylic nails are a kind of manicure, which is the most popular among many manicure crafts at present. The characteristic of acrylic nails is that they can change the shape of fingers visually and give people a sense of slender, thus making up for the regret of the not beautiful hand shape. The color of acrylic nails is crystal clear, pink and white is natural; acrylic nails can match clothes of various colors, setting off the elegant temperament of women.

45 Amazing Spring Nail Ideas in Acrylic Shape and Almond Shape

Spring is coming, and we also wear some new clothes for our nails. spring nails can make your nails more white and elegant. Women who love beauty will not let go of any detail to improve temperament. There is no difference between naked running and hands without applying spring nails. Yes, bare young hands are like mouths without lipstick without the embellishment of spring nails. Beautiful spring nails dance on the keyboard, shuttle back and forth on the mobile phone screen, fiddling with the eyebrows…… Looking at it makes people happy.

60 Classy Pink Nails with Glitter Accent and Rhinestones

Pink nails are very safe manicure colors. Girls with different temperaments can get the sweet feeling of pink very well. and don’t look down upon pink nails. This color which seems to have only lovely temperament can create many different temperaments made into manicure, which will surprise you! The group of pink nails we have prepared for you today are all suitable for spring and summer. The effect is beautiful and refreshing, with sweet temperament, but not too sweet, full of fairy spirit! Don’t miss it. Pink nails have changeable shapes, and pink also has many color systems. So even if you want to have pink nails all the season, you can change to different styles.

54 Simple Spring Nail Designs for Short Nails and Long Nails

Is it a little aesthetic fatigue to have a dark color nails for a winter? Because it is spring, normal nails will not be so amazing! Therefore, we come up with spring nails that is suitable for spring. Although this kind of spring nails is a little transparent, when you distinguish it carefully, you will find that this kind of spring nails not only gives people a kind of hazy feeling, there will be different hipster. Looks fancy! This kind of spring nail is noble and elegant, which is the most suitable for starting a new life.

40+ Attractive Blue Nail Designs for Acrylic Nails and Almond Nails

The blue nails of cure series is still popular among people. Although blue nails are not as bright and festive as red nails, they also have unique charm. Blue nails are the symbol of eternity, which often remind people of the ocean, the sky, the water and the universe. Pure blue nails mostly show a kind of beauty, calmness, reason, serenity and broadness to people, bringing infinite reverie. Blue nails give people a feeling of tranquility and peace, which can always smooth the impetuous in the heart. Blue nails can cure all holiday syndrome.

40 Graceful Acrylic Coffin Nail Designs for Long Nails and Short Nails

Acrylic coffin nail is a kind of manicure, which is the most popular one among various manicure techniques at present. The feature of acrylic coffin nail is that it can change the shape of fingers visually and give people a sense of slender, so as to make up for the regret of the unbeautiful hand shape. Acrylic coffin nails are crystal clear, pink and natural in color, which can match clothes of various colors to set off the elegant temperament of women. Perfect fingernails symbolize plenty of time, income at random and good self-control, which reflects distinctive personality and shows charming elegant demeanour.