Rainbow nails | awesome Acrylic nail design for Summer nail trends 2021

Rainbow nails become more and more popular. Today people are more and more loving and are focusing more and more on nail maintenance. There are many types of nails, for example, long nails, short nails, nail shapes, almond-shaped nails,ballerina nails, coffin-shaped nails,different nail shapes,ballerina nail shapes ,squoval nails,and short almond-shaped nails.

when I was young, one of the things I liked most to draw was the rainbow. I mean, how not make things out of a pencil box that allows you to use seven different colors? Also, if you have grown up like me, watching bears, the rainbow and my little rainbow are part of your visual diet.

Even if my favorite color is that of the darker spectrum, the rainbow nails is still close to my heart. Just as the busy summer entered my closet, the nail shades I chose started to show that much-needed vigor. I have collected a couple of color shades of products that you can try for yourself or ask your favorite techniques to reinvent for you. Most are friendly!


Square rainbow nails are very simple. And there are many different nails, each of which has different dynamic colors, with colors ranging from green to pink. The color can be matte or glossy. You can reproduce the rainbow with the color of your nails, and you’ll love your nails. And of course, you can also do rainbow nails with these dots, which must look strong this summer.


If the staples aren’t designed for you, go for something simple and colorful, like these coffins below.The long coffin was introduced into the desert. It is a lot of humor. They also have many colors of the rainbow. It is a look that can be easily put on and created. You can also generate rainbow images on a nail or other blue or other colored prints. It is suitable for everyone.

Almond nails

Here we have many bold and beautiful ideas about almonds. The nails were painted in five colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue. We like this color because it reminds us of sweets. You can quickly reproduce the horns with five light colors, make sure they are bright shades, and if you don’t like that every nail has a color, you should check this, that every nail is bare, and the tip has a hyper adorable rainbow project! By coloring only the end of the knife, it creates a subtle look. You can hand draw the stripes of the rainbow with nails and brushes of different colors. If you are not confident, you can use masking tape to create several striped parts.

Stiletto nails in rainbow

Make a presentation with these ideas. The nails are long and thin. Each nail was painted with two intense colors, which created the bold inversion of the rainbow. You can find some tutorials on the web that teach you how to make incremental things step by step. Everyone likes these nails.
It is one of our favorites. And the bright color is the best choice in the summer.


We all know that rainbow nails are beautiful. Rainbow-colored nails have a lot of styles. You can take all the pins and make them become the rainbow, which will surely make you move in the summer. Or you can decorate your nails with a blasting powder that brightens up the summer.

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