25 Coolest Pixie Haircut Both for Curly Hair and Straight Hair

It’s hot in summer. When it comes to the high temperature of dog days, will you still be in the mood to make your long hair shawl elegant? You might as well Cut a “short and tough” Pixie Cut. In this issue of Japanese short hair series, 10 kinds of elves short hair of different styles are compiled and sorted out. There are Mori girls department, cute girls department, and career elite department with very Sister Yu pixie hairstyle. Those who believe in short hair will love it!

As we all know that many actors have been sleepless for a long time, and suddenly became a “male head” these days. This fashionable pixie haircut seems to be the latest fashion trend pursued by many stars, but in fact, not everyone can hold this pixie hairstyle. The most important thing is that cutting off the pleasant sensation at that moment may cost years of hair retention.

The History of Pixie Haircut

Pixie haircut, a women’s short hair, the hair on the back of the head, both sides and bangs is short, while the hair on the head is a little longer. In short, it is very short hair, chinese netizens also gave it a very appropriate nickname: Sprite short hair.

Actually, Pixie haircut had sprouted as early as 1920s. This short hair has been popular recently, but this is not a new hairstyle that has just become popular. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, there was a woman, the American actress Louise Brooks who cut her short hair first. She was the model of “New Woman” and the leader of BOB’s head trend. Of course, as the rudiment of Pixie haircut, there are some differences between the hair style of Louise Brooks and the short hair now. The pixie haircut flows through the vertical line, and the layers are not rich enough.

The Trend of Pixie Haircut

The real trend of the first round of Pixie haircut came from our Eternal Angel: Audrey Hepburn. In the late 1950 s, when Audrey Hepburn cut her long hair willfully in her debut movie Roman Holiday, showing the most naive and witty smile in the world, this short pixie haircut is destined to be pursued by all the girls who want to be angels. The pixie hairstyle of Hepburn has already reflected the distinctive feature of Pixie haircut: thin bangs on the eyebrows.

By 1960s, It was the “It Girl” at that time, British supermodel Twiggy, who really made Pixie haircut become the pioneer of fashion. She broke the traditional concept of Bob’s head and combed her short hair to be extremely short and clean, with the length above her ears. At that time, the pioneering work of Twiggy almost changed the global aesthetics, which made her have the temperament of being unable to be classified, and became a complex of boys and girls. By the way, the anecdote, the popularity of false eyelashes is also attributed to this pioneer of fashion. The contemporary Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg are all loyal fans of this pixie hairstyle.

The Representative Pixie Haircut

Jean Seberg, who wears this pixie hairstyle, shows no longer the soft sexy full of feminine characteristics in the early 20th century, but the frankness, determination and conciseness is like a boy. Her leading handsome boy style has also become an important branch of the neutral pixie hairstyle. The contemporary actress also fell in love with pixie haircut. The actress with a pixie haircut made a group of young men and a group of young girls fascinated, crying and shouting to cut short pixie haircut like her. Being with the hero is a sweet girl, and being with the heroine is a overbearing president. This is not the most popular “general offensive temperament “.

The reason why we call this pixie hairstyle “Sprite short hair” is that this hairstyle is very capable, clean and has great visual impact. Girls who can challenge this pixie hairstyle usually have three characteristics: high forehead, big eyes and palm face. Have you found it? All the girls who have cut this pixie hairstyle will become very smart, with big eyes, flickering; sharp chin and three-dimensional facial features. And after cutting this pixie haircut, the aura will become stronger. It can be said to be a good hairstyle with a sense of presence, which can be recognized immediately in the crowd and leave a deep impression on people.

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