60+ Amazing Stiletto Nail Ideas Both in Blue Color and Pink Color

You know that stiletto nail is long, skinny, and sharp, and they look fierce, featuring a tapered shape with pointed end. But, please keep in mind that it’s not scary, instead, it’s on trend now!  Stiletto nails are a form of manicure, with the addition of false nails on the tips. We’re sure you will be proud of your appearance with transforming your nails into super chic stilettos. Ready to get started? Let’s go and browse the following ideas for you~

Mysterious Pink Stiletto Nails

The stiletto nails are popular among many beauties. They are fashionable and elegant, and they are very classy. The stiletto nail with sharp fingernails are most suitable to match with Crystal armour or artistic manicure, and they are very popular in Central Europe and Asia. Now let’s enjoy the stiletto nail design with us!

The stiletto nail with crystal diamond is very suitable for the women with slender fingers. If your fingernails are short, you can make a lengthened stiletto nail! The following color matching is a very common long stiletto nail pattern which looks good and shows temperament, especially shows temperament. The stiletto nail design with crystal embellishment. Even in hot summer, this stiletto nail has become a popular nail design, which can add a lot of points to your temperament! Do you like the blue and pink stiletto nail design with flowers? Pink is a mysterious and charming color. Wearing this manicure will be full of the beauty of temperament. The star manicure, which collides with light blue and dark blue, seems to contain the vast universe. The shining stars in the night sky are gorgeous.

French Style of Stiletto Nails

The elegant and magnificent phototherapy of stiletto nail is very popular. Here we introduce a group of teachers’ stiletto nails works. To extend the French stiletto nail picture, we need to make the fingernails into the pointed shape shown in the picture, use wine red primer, and use gold and silver for the sharp corners. I won’t introduce much. If you like it, you can learn it step by step.

Lengthening French stiletto nail in the picture, wine red itself is a classic color that highlights temperament, and in addition, it makes pointed shape to highlight the stage effect and fashion sense. More than that, there are a lot of beautiful and advance stiletto nails here, do you like them? Personally, I like this kind of fashionable modeling. As a result, I have found many very beautiful stiletto nails modeling. Whatever kind of stiletto nails you like, you can find it here.

Avant-Garde Stiletto Nail Style

Avant-Garde stiletto nails are most suitable to match with Crystal armour or art manicure, and they are very popular in Central Europe and Asia. Stars also love to try sharp and gorgeous fingertips of stiletto nail style. For example, Fergie and Lady Gaga love this style of stiletto nails very much. But not everyone is suitable to try it. Stiletto nails will definitely make the fingernails become thinner and thinner. Therefore, if the natural shape of fingernails is too big or too small, or the fingers are relatively strong, neither of them is suitable for this kind of stiletto nail shape.
The first set of stiletto nails is inspired by the some kind of animals with long and sharp horns. The following stiletto nail art meets the magic of this kind of mysterious animals.

Steps to Protect Your Stiletto Nails

1. Strengthen the repair and maintenance of finger edge.
After manicuring, you will find that your nail surface and finger edge are often dry, and cutin starts to grow around your fingernails, so it is suggested that MM should wipe more finger oil and nail nutrition oil after manicuring!
2. Change the habit of using hands
After manicure, you need to change the stress habit of your fingers in your life. Try not to use your fingertips to do things directly. Instead, use “finger abdomen” to do things, or your fingernails will break easily.
3. Wear gloves when doing housework
After manicure, you ‘d better wear gloves during housework, which can effectively avoid the yellow and fading of fingernails caused by daily necessities containing alkaline chemical reagents.
4. Pay attention to the cleaning of fingernails
Generally, manicure control MM will keep long fingernails, and the Finger core under the front edge of fingernails is easy to hide dirt, so MM should pay special attention to the cleaning work of fingernails, it is best to clean the finger core with a toothbrush when washing your face every night.
5. Remove armor every 2-3 weeks
Because fingernails need “rest”, it is recommended not to enter the dead cycle of “manicure-Xie Jia-manicure. It is suggested that you can go to the manicure shop to remove your manicure after 2 to 3 weeks of manicure, and then continue to carry out the manicure industry after a period of rest!

The Correct Steps to Remove Your Stiletto Nail Style

What is the correct step to remove it?
1. Prepare nail lotion and cosmetic cotton.
2. Soak the cosmetic cotton in the nail lotion.
3. Wrap the cosmetic cotton on the nail surface.
4. Finally, gently wipe the nail surface and it will be OK.
Summary: you should know something about how to trim the pointed fingernails and how to manicure them. I hope the above articles can help you. After manicure, you must take good care of your fingernails, because manicure does great harm to fingernails.

Classy Stiletto Nails on T Stage

Stiletto nail style can make fingers more slender. In the T stage of many spring and summer fashion weeks, in order to highlight the ratio between the fingers of models and fashionable dress, there are many stylists using stiletto nails to make the fingers of the models look longer. Now let’s take a look at the most popular stiletto nail styles in T-stage, from which you can draw inspiration to make your fingers more slender and perfect.

If the show is full of fairy spirit, therefore, the overall modeling focuses on highlighting the natural beauty of women. In terms of stiletto nails, stylists simply apply the nude nail polish which is close to the skin color of the model to the whole nail without too much embellishment. The nail polish color which is close to the skin color can naturally lengthen the length of fingers. And this kind of solid nail color of stiletto nails also began to gradually replace fancy manicure to become the mainstream in this season. Therefore, I want to use this kind of stiletto nails to lengthen my fingers visually, and try to choose the naked hue which is close to my skin color.

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