28 Amazing Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men

With the improvement of tattoo technology,

And tattoo artist’s attempt on artistic style,

The painting art of watercolor introduced into tattoos by some bold tattoos.

With the beauty of watercolor mobility and color matching,

Created a series of beauty, fantastic watercolor tattoo pattern.

Quickly accepted and loved by many young tattoo lovers.

If the skin is a canvas,

The watercolor is the palette.

It will make your tattoo more flexible and romantic,

The effect like artwork is very shocking.

Watercolor tattoo,

As the name implies, it is to combine the watercolor pigment into the tattoo.

Watercolor tattoo gives people two feelings,

One is the feeling of water. It’s Casual, smooth and wiser.

The second is color. Because it gives people visual impact and stimulates the brain.

Watercolor Tattoos and ink tattoos can say to be very similar.

It’s just that the watercolor tattoo replaces the color black. And gray in the ink tattoo with color.

Watercolor tattoo is like a palette of a painter.

It’s like pouring the pigment on it. So some people also call it splash-ink tattoo.

In addition, the colorful style of watercolor tattoo can be far away from black outlines or thick lines.

Therefore, compared with ink tattoos, watercolor tattoos give people a kind of softness.

Watercolor Tattoos have very bright colors.

Most of them are bright colors.

There are also black and gray watercolor tattoos.

Good watercolor tattoos have two characteristics.

First, the color is transparent and bright.

Second, the shape can reorganize and place freely.

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