38 Cool Men’s Beard Styles for Both Long Beard and Short Beard

Many fashion men hope to have a mature and sexy charm. Then, growing a beard is definitely a very personalized choice. Of course, Beard is not left casually. Otherwise, it will make people feel dirty. Any beard needs careful trimming and maintenance.

For men with quality in the West, this is actually a good habit developed from adulthood. So what kind of beard is popular this year? Follow us to experience the following characteristics of men’s beard.

Carefully Decorated Beard

The short beard can make people feel rough masculinity and decadent temperament. It was this feeling that made beard popular in 1980. And the most famous beard is the pop singer George Micheal.

Professional Business Beard

This type of beard needs to take care of frequently. Make sure it won’t be too long, a little longer than a short beard. Only when the beard trimmed neatly can the face be set off.

And it shows the masculinity and firm character. This kind of beard should trimmed symmetrically. That is upward along the lines of facial muscles when trimmed. Until the middle of the cheek. Of course, this kind of beard cannot leave by most people.

Carefully Trimmed Beard

As long as the whiskers are properly trimmed, they can fully reflect the man’s taste. Demonstrate male masculine and confident heroism. This kind of beard seems rough, but it also needs to be carefully trimmed. If trimmed properly, you will have a high taste. It can also reflect your thickness.

This kind of beard is very easy to handle. It is good to comb more often. It can say to be the most popular kind of beard at present. This kind of beard needs trimmed frequently with a razor. Only in that way can we ensure vigorous growth.

Beard in Caribbean Pirates Style

This kind of beard is popular among many men at present. Then how about for people whose facial hair grows too fast? Yeah, keeping this beard type must ensure daily trimming and care. The use of scraping wax and scraping oil can make the Beard shape look clean and tidy.

Hippie Beard

This kind of beard needs to have a beard from cheek to chin and even neck. Although this kind of beard type looks relatively rough. It actually needs to be carefully managed.

Some hippies will also refer to the traditional beard to play retro style. But this requires frequent cultivation and modification. Of course, the name of beard is hippie. So if you are not special enough, don’t try it easily.

Van Dyke Beard

To keep this kind of Beard type, you must have a short pointed beard. The upper lip beard is also pointed and needs waxing. There must be no hair on both sides of the cheek. The well-managed Van Dyke beard is simply a piece of art. But regular maintenance is also needed to maintain its unique charm.

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