35 Fantastic Wedding Guest Dresses for Outdoors and Indoors

The wedding period is not only expensive for the bride and wedding decoration. Are you the guests attending the wedding? Are you the bridesmaid sister of the bride or just an ordinary guest? Whoever you are, the expenses for the wedding guest dresses are also expensive. Starting from the gift to the new couple, you may need to book a hotel and travel expenses. More importantly, you may need to spend money on a wedding guest dresses. So why not choose a wedding guest dresses that is suitable for both the wedding scene and the daily life?

From the Royal Family, they all began to enter the one-year marriage peak. Attending various weddings has become the reason why many people go to the market on weekends. Also, attending a wedding requires decent wedding guest dresses. What to wear for the wedding? Neither too eye-catching nor humiliating the newcomers. Generally, friends are about the same age as the bride and groom, and men are mainly in suits or formal clothes. Don’t be too casual, T-shirts and jeans are not suitable. Women usually give priority to dresses. So, skirts should not be too shor. It is better to be over knees. Besides, colors should not be too bright. Wedding guest dresses should be generous and decent.

Unusal Wedding Guest Dresses

Try to imagine that you will attend the cocktail party or banquet. There, celebrities are shuttling back and forth in the city. And the dress-up of the wedding guest dress will focus on the direction of skillful study. Fashionable and noble wedding guest dress is the tips for ladies to attend the reception. At the time, men should highlight their mature and confident side with dark suits.

Do you think wearing a skirt wedding guest dress is more suitable for attending a wedding? Think about it again. A set of exquisite trousers suit wedding guest dress. Especially the material is like silk or floral printing. Then this can become an unexpected choice. This kind of wedding guest dress can also attend in many different occasions. After the wedding, that suit pants can match with some T-shirts to make people gentle and elegant. And this suit of black suit pants can matched with a jacket when going out on weekends. Or you can directly wear the wedding guest dress of that suit. You only need to change your shirt, or you can wear a bright color or font shirt to set off your fashion.

Classy Wedding Guest Dresses for Different Seasons

Considering the season: even for weddings held indoors, please take the season into account. For example, the indoor air conditioner may be very sufficient in summer, so it is a good way to prepare a cardigan for your wedding guest dresses; If it is an outdoor wedding, it is just in time for the sunny day, A wedding guest dresses with a thin shawl can protect against the sun, making you suffer less in the sun; You should also pay attention to keep warm when attending a wedding in winter, you can bring a small coat or a wool shawl for unexpected needs.

Considering the taste of the newcomer: the taste of the newcomer and the relationship between the newcomer and you are also important reference items for choosing wedding guest dresses. For example, the newcomers are conservative, so don’t consider the wedding guest dresses with big backless and deep V-neck; The newcomers like hipster, and the ceremony sites are all decorated in elegant colors, don’t consider the big red and green wedding guest dresses; If a newcomer is very familiar with you and knows each other’s personality, then the wedding guest dresses can be a little “capricious. Otherwise, you ‘d better choose a conservative and low-key wedding guest dresses. If you are too gorgeous, the other party may not be happy!

Tips for Wedding Guest Dresses

The requirements for wedding guest dresses on the invitation card must be met: After receiving the invitation from the newcomer, don’t throw it aside. The requirements for wedding guest dresses may be written in it! Especially for some personalized theme weddings, the new couple will specially give some Dress Code (dressing clues) that conform to the wedding theme, so as to ensure the atmosphere on the scene. Then please do it according to the requirements of wedding guest dresses, and never be the disappointed person.

Consider the ceremony place: the ceremony place given on the invitation card can also be used as a reference for choosing wedding guest dresses. If it is a Western-style restaurant, the wedding guest dresses must be mainly Western-style; If it is a antique Chinese quadrangle, the wedding guest dresses with some Chinese elements are quite emotional; if it is a theme Guild Hall, then the location has already pointed out the clues of wedding guest dresses for you.. Too much is too much: Some of my friends attach great importance to attending the wedding. Although this attitude is worthy of praise, they often dress up too much because of this, and some of them are too noisy. Too short, too tight, too exposed, too grand, too thick makeup, these are all the taboos of wedding guest dresses.

One-piece Wedding Guest Dresses

Many sisters are worrying about what kind of wedding guest dresses to wear for the wedding. In fact, choosing one-piece is the simplest way. And the rules of wedding guest dresses are useful in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In summer, you can choose light and elegant wedding guest dresses such as chiffon and silk. In autumn and winter, you can turn to velvet and knitted wedding guest dresses, which are more noble and generous. To attend a wedding, a pink knee-length dress is the best choice for wedding guest dresses in order to render a more intense happy atmosphere. Light fabrics and colors of wedding guest dresses will make you more integrated with the warm wedding atmosphere. The colors of wedding guest dresses should be purple, green, pink, gray, wine red, beige, etc.

Knitted berets that give people the impression of cleverness and gentleness can be matched with wedding guest dresses of wool knitted skirts; Colors of soft wedding guest dresses such as gray and pink can be chosen; however, the beret with black woolen texture must add an exaggerated shiny hat ornament to it, which will increase the glare and beauty at the same time. For most girls, I think shiny hairband is the best choice to create head highlights, because it is suitable for almost all head types, so with simple hairstyle combing skills, you can make simple and beautiful fluffy French hairstyles to match with slightly grand wedding guest dresses. This is a festive day, you can choose bright wedding guest dresses. Try to choose well-cut profile, try to choose well-cut profile, such as sexy knee-length skirt or elegant long skirt similar to 1970s.

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