76 Charming Acrylic Nails for Long Nails and Short Nails

The Pen of “crystal” points to the fingertips. It’s raising hands and throwing feet to shuttle through the colors. The art of Acrylic nails has developed from evolved objects to artworks for 30 years. That can describ as a long development. Some people may think of “stink” when they hear acrylic nails. But people who are familiar with acrylic nails can know that acrylic nails can shape a perfect A. Also, the color of acrylic nails is changeable. And the color of acrylic nails is crystal clear and transparent. It can foil the elegant temperament of women. Also, it shows unique personality beauty, showing charming elegant you.

Acrylic nails are a kind of manicure, which is the most popular among many manicure crafts at present. The characteristic of acrylic nails is as following. First, they can change the shape of fingers visually and give people a sense of slender. Thus, it makes up for the regret of the unbeautiful hand shape. Second, the color of acrylic nails is crystal clear. Besides, pink and white is natural. Third, acrylic nails can match clothes of various colors. Then set off the elegant temperament of women.

Method to Make Acrylic Nails–Part 1

Today we are going to talk about the production of acrylic nails. We’ll first dip crystal liquid in crystal powder to form crystal methyl ester. And then place it at the leading edge of acrylic nails. The crystal methyl ester ball should be large and the crystal liquid content is large. So the basic colors of acrylic nails should laid out. You can first pave the nail surface of acrylic nails, and then make the leading edge. Pay attention to using the pen body to Pat from the middle to the two sides. After paving the color of acrylic nails, use a crystal pen to fiddle and fix the nail shape of acrylic nails.

Next, place the crystal methyl ester on the upper half of the nail plate. It contains more crystal liquid than the previous step. And apply the nib to the leading edge from the back edge of acrylic nails. Crystal methyl ester place in the middle part of the nail plate. Then the amount of crystal liquid of crystal methyl ester ball is the same as that of the second part. Next, apply the nib from the back edge of acrylic nails to the front edge. And keep a distance of about 0.5mm from the back edge of acrylic nails. Crystal methyl ester place in the second half of the nail plate, and the content of crystal liquid is large. Apply the nib from the back edge of acrylic nails to the front edge to make the acrylic nails. It should as smooth and smooth as possible.

Method to Make Acrylic Nails–Part 2

Squeeze the leading edge of acrylic nails to make C arc arch. With the solidification of crystal methyl ester, put the thumb of both hands on the left and right points. That is of the smiling line before the acrylic nails fix. And squeeze evenly and forcefully into the middle of the acrylic nails. As a result, that makes the acrylic nails produce a naturally undulating C arc arch. Then use appropriate shaping clips to shape the shape of the leading edge of acrylic nails.

Finally, there is basically a basic framework to complete the fifth step. But in order to make the acrylic nails look more delicate, you can use sand strips to make the nail shape. Then polish the acrylic nails with a polishing strip, and finally add a layer of sealing layer. How about it? Is it beautiful for you? The above six steps are the methods we bring to you about making acrylic nails. If you want to win the vision of the opposite sex in the street and have a high rate of looking back, then learn quickly!

Method to Make Acrylic Nails–Part 3

Recently there is a new trend of nail beauty-pink acrylic nails. Inspired by Rose Quartz and pink acrylic nails, it looks like a pure princess-like super dream. acrylic nails not only play a decorative role, but also improve the temperament of the whole person. Let’s ask all kinds of “pink acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails are made of natural materials by hand, which can visually change the defects of nails and the shape of thick and short hands, making their nails plump and lubricated. acrylic nails are suitable for different ages and occasions and can be matched with different clothes. The manufacture of acrylic nails can extend the length of nails and make them as transparent as glass. acrylic nails with lovely pink marble patterns are suitable for any Kimono. They are all-match styles. acrylic nails with flower patterns are suitable for kimonos with flowers.

The Classy Type of Acrylic Nails–Part 1

Acrylic nails have been popular all over the world for nearly 40 years. No matter they are famous actors, politicians, white-collar girls, fashion newcomers or even housewives, they all admire acrylic nails. acrylic nails are currently the most popular among many nail art crafts. Perfect acrylic nails imply abundant time, disposable income and good self-control, reflecting distinctive personality.

In the type of nail art, the production of acrylic nails is often mentioned. The sculpture of acrylic nails is completed by carving, carving, shaping, casting, welding and other methods, which are divided into outer carving and inner carving vertical carving and so on. The sculpture of acrylic nails adopts the technique of relief clay sculpture in the sculpture. On the surface of the nail, use crystal powder to carve various patterns. acrylic nails and sculptures are unfamiliar to many students. Compared with hand-painted manicures, the texture of acrylic nails is more exquisite. acrylic nails are bold and outstanding in both expression techniques and decoration. Another point is the three-dimensional effect of acrylic nails.

Method to Make Acrylic Nails–Part 2

The powder of acrylic nails is powder and can be divided into various colors. It is mostly used in white, and the curing reaction occurs when the crystal nail powder is mixed with the crystal nail liquid. It can be used to make acrylic nails of various styles. In the West, acrylic nails are one of the criteria for judging the identity of women, which is a comprehensive reflection of the quality of life and cultural accomplishment, and can reflect people’s artistic taste and unique personality.

The acrylic nails carved outside the crystal, that is, on the acrylic nails coated with nail polish, crystal powder or gel, dipping the crystal powder with a carved pen, and using relief techniques to make some shapes on the nail surface, such as carving flowers. The acrylic nails carved inside the crystal are made on the basis of external adjustment. A layer of transparent crystal methyl ester should be added to its surface. After being beautified by polishing, trimming and so on, the interior sculpture of acrylic nails is presented. Of course, no matter which kind of acrylic nails sculpture, it can be combined with other nail art.

Method to Make Acrylic Nails–Part 3

Acrylic nails — Queen in manicure. acrylic nails are noble, elegant and fashionable. acrylic nails represent the taste of customers as well as the technical level of manicurists. acrylic nails are the magic weapon for nail shops to make profits. In the new development period, how to make acrylic nails rejuvenate is a question worth discussing.

The special materials and tools for making acrylic nails also include: Crystal liquid (powder), nail liquid Cup, pen washing water, desiccant, smooth holder, finger holder plate, shaping clip, etc, among them, the nail liquid Cup is used to hold a small amount of crystal liquid, and the stable support is used to fix the desiccant to avoid knocking down.
The first stage: preparation of acrylic nails
Clean and shape the nail surface, remove the dead skin, polish the nail surface (you can use your own real nail or stick a piece of nail), brush a layer of desiccant, and put on the paper tray;
The second stage: making acrylic nails (using patch Armor)
The third stage: shaping, polishing and sealing of acrylic nails
If you want your acrylic nails to be more beautiful, you can make some carvings, paste some diamond ornaments, describe your favorite patterns and so on ~

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