41 Amazing Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair And Medium Hair

In fact, Bob hairstyle is a general term for a type of hairstyle. How many kinds of Bob hairstyles do you know? Long Bob, Wavy Bob, Blunt Bob? With the change of different bangs, Bob hairstyle have too many shapes. If you just want to change your hairstyle, try the following Bob hairstyle!

Bob’s hairstyle recognized as “Ronin hairstyle” by British society in 1920s. And now it has become the representative hairstyle of women’s maverick and independent.

Many female stars, artists, fashion workers and politicians once advocated this bob hairstyle. For example, since 1988, Anna Wintour, the chief editor of the American version of VOGUE. She has left her iconic Bob hairstyle which has remained unchanged for decades.

Short Bob

Hair length above earlobe can regard as short Bob. Girls with delicate facial features can cut this kind of ultra-short Bob. Because it is especially elegant.

Long face is more suitable for short hair, with bangs. The long face usually has a longer forehead or a longer chin. If your forehead is high, you can choose bangs on your eyebrows.

The forehead is relatively high. And the hairline is relatively high, people with less hair must have bangs. First, the face-showing customer assistant has a large number of hair shows.

Ultra-short Bob is more playful because it enhances the curling of the hair tail.

If you can’t accept such short hair or have a round face, you can choose the short Bob with the length under the ear.

Long eight-character bangs can choose to decorate cheekbones. Air-sensitive bangs must choose, not too thick.

Wavy Bob

What is Wob short hair? Wob is the abbreviation of Wavy-Bob, which is actually the wave head of the roll. Its characteristic is a curve that is just right and not too modified.

Generally, the length of Wob short hair is at the chin, which can better modify the face shape.

The hair ends are not all inner buckles or all outer warps, but both inner buckles and outward warping. This is more layered. The hair root of this short hair must be upright and fluffy, and the hair on the top of the head must be thicker.

As for whether you have bangs, it depends on your forehead and hairline. If the hairline is too high, you ‘d better match it with a Bangs. Aging can better decorate your face.

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