40 Breathtaking Ideas for 2020 Nail Trends Including Colors And Shapes

Talking about 2020 nail colors, we’ve already introduced spring and summer to you. Girls who haven’t seen it can look back. As for today, we will continue to bring you 2020 nail trends. In conclusion, there are eight nail Styles. mark them with me!

No. 1 Wiser Nail

Is your style of dressing elegant and fairy?

Then, try the semitransparent nail with wiser texture.

That is as the main element must be the general trend.

No. 2 Air Atain Nail

The same wiser air fainted.

This kind of nail is not only immortal,

but also has a sense of easygoing.

No. 3 Dried Flower Nail

Spring and summer flowers bloom like the sea.

Naturally, flower nail is indispensable.

Among them, the sweet and sweet one is the dried flower nail.

No. 4 Printed Nail

Compared with the dried flower nail,

the style of the painted printed nail is more changeable.

No. 5 Shell Jewelry Nail

The nail inlaid with shell ornaments is exquisite and luxurious.

In addition, it can also bring a little coolness.

No girl can resist the charm of this nail, right?

No. 6 Mirror Water Ripple Nail

The same luxurious mirror water ripple nail is more advanced.

Nail has a shining mirror effect,

and you are the most dazzling one in the crowd in the sunshine of spring and summer.

No. 7 Star Moon Nail

The dream combination of stars and moon is bound to return to the trend every spring and summer.

Star-and-moon nail is also a must for a fairy.

Because it can double your fairy spirit.

No. 8 Wave Point Nail

Like the star Moon, there is also a wave nail that resumes in spring and summer.

Because it is sweet and retro, and it must not missed.

Counting on fingers, 2020 will be over in 4 months.

I want to make all these eight nail types. What about you?

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