49 Fall Nail Designs for 2020 in Acrylic Coffin

Many people don’t like the complicated style of fall nails. So, let’s introduce some simple fall nails today. You can DIY at home or give it to the manicurist if you like.

Brick Red is the exclusive color for autumn and winter. Add a red color jump to it, and it is lively. There are also some small embellishments. As a result, such fall nails are very beautiful and special.

Solid color jump color fall nails are both simple and have a different taste than solid color. Use purple with smoke gray and sequins. Simple color jumping, such fall nails are not complicated, but they look good.

It’s still big red fall nails. With a few small pearls, it is very simple, but also very delicate.

Add a little love to the dark red fall nails. Simple, very cute.

Light brown French fall nails. The style is very novel, diamond-shaped small crystal, very girlish. It’s a very gentle fall nails.

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