52 Elegant and Breathtaking Fall Acrylic Nail Designs for Both Short and Long Nails

Every season, besides buying clothes and shoes, it is also indispensable for women to do nails. You can do some hipster on nails, with colorful patterns.

Today we share 52 beautiful nails. Follow it!

Transparent nails a is suitable for all seasons of the year. In autumn and winter, choose purple and bean pink jelly colors. This will be very gentle.

Of course, the nails recommended today are not only suitable for daily work, parties. Also, for going out of the street, attending activities and banquets. It is also very suitable for the bride at the wedding.

For example, bright or gradient color nails with sequins are suitable for indoor banquet. Besides, and weddings. Because such nails are very beautiful under the light.

There are also some contrast colors. For example, green styles and patterns. These are very suitable for outdoor lawn weddings. Because these nails are not only fresh and natural, but also love love.

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