51 Trending and Delicate Long Acrylic Nails for Christmas and This Winter

Some nails styles can last forever. No matter how the fashion changes, these classic nails will never be out of date.

As the most junior nails style, color jumping is funfamental style that most people choose. Don’t know what nails style to do? Choose the most classic one with monochrome + silver. In addition, one finger is also the favorite of hipsters.

French nails styles and patterns change every year. The only thing that remains unchanged is its versatility! It looks like the narrow edge nails made by most people this year. Changing the bright and lively color, it becomes cute immediately! Such nails can be elegant, and can also show the length of hands! No wonder so many people choose it as their wedding nails.

Like French nails, Cat’s Eye nail style is different every year. You can match any nails as long as you want! No girl can refuse all shining nails. Cat’s Eye is not as three-dimensional and exaggerated as diamond decorations. It is delicate and gentle!

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