82 Amazing Wedding Jewelry and Accessory Ideas Including Earrings and Finger Rings

Jewels and accessories can say to be icing on the cake for the bride’s shape. But jewels and accessories can not match casually. There must be a certain composition. Do you want to create a perfect bride style at the wedding? In addition to a delicate wedding dress, jewels and accessories are also needed. Next, let’s take a look at the four essential accessories for the wedding. First of all, exquisite hair accessories. Among wedding jewels and accessories, an exquisite hair accessory is essential. Whether it is noble hair or elegant hair. Or, capable short hair needs jewels and accessories. Because jewels and accessories can make the bride more charming at the wedding. If the bride wants to be noble and elegant, she can choose a crown jewels and accessories. Besides, if you want to show the retro style, then a chic feather comb is essential.

Crystal and pearl jewels and accessories are more suitable for elegant brides. They can add a distinctive charm to the bride. Second, personality necklace of jewels and accessories. Necklace has always been one of women’s favorite jewels and accessories. Especially for about to marry bride-to-be. They need a personalized jewels and accessories to dress themselves up! There are many kinds of necklace materials and styles. And the bride can choose according to her own style. The next is for the bride wearing a bra wedding dress. Then the matching of jewels and accessories is more critical. If the wedding dress is a silver bead skirt, you can choose a necklace based on silver. Make sure that the materials of jewels and accessories match the wedding dress. Because only in this way can we show better results.

Four Elements for Wedding Jewels and Accessories– Part 1

Third, crystal belt. A delicate and elegant crystal belt of jewels and accessories is very nice. Because it can show the endless charm of the bride. Especially for the wedding dress with waist. It needs a crystal belt more to make jewels and accessories. Of course, you can choose a satin belt with crystal decoration. This kind of eternal jewels and accessories can match with various wedding dresses. I believe such jewels and accessories will highlight your slender waist. And it will make you look fashionable and generous.

Fourthly, amazing handbags of jewels and accessories. We all know that the bridesmaid prepares all kinds of cosmetics for the bride. But the bride can still buy an amazing handbag. Such jewels and accessories can add points to the overall modeling of the bride. Whether it matches a plain white wedding dress or a gown with a Pearl outer layer, it is OK. Jewels and accessories won’t steal the limelight of wedding dresses. Also, they can enhance the charm of wedding dresses. Owning such jewels and accessories will make you the focus of the whole wedding.

Four Elements for Wedding Jewels and Accessories– Part 2

Next, let’s talk about the little jewels and accessories that cannot ignore on the wedding day. Want to become a perfect and perfect bride at the wedding? In addition to an elegant and delicate wedding dress, what else to match? You also need to choose a pair of bride jewels and accessories. We now tell you the little jewels and accessories that cannot neglect on the wedding day. Make you the most perfect bride.

The first is personal jewels and accessories. The bride’s personality jewels and accessories are also indispensable in the wedding. Meanwhile, it is also the bride’s favorite wedding jewels and accessories. Especially the bride wearing a relatively plain or bra dress. Matching a good-looking jewels and accessories can make the whole more moving. But when choosing jewels and accessories, attention should focused. That is, you should pay attention to the matching with wedding dresses. For example, a necklace showing personality. Make sure that the materials of jewels and accessories match the wedding dress.

Small Wedding Jewels and Accessories Cannot Ignore– Part 1

What if the wedding dress is a silver bead dress? You can choose a necklace based on silver. No matter what kind of jewels and accessories you choose, you must match the wedding dress. The second is luxury jewels and accessories. The bride can also match a bag. Take a shiny jewels and accessories at the wedding. Then you can easily become the focus of attention. Shiny jewels and accessories can perfectly match a plain wedding dress. It can also be a wedding dress with a Pearl outer layer.

This kind of collocation can enhance the charm of wedding dress. Also, they won’t steal the limelight of wedding dress. Tips: Be sure to budget jewels and accessories. Especially for newcomers who are about to get married. It is very important to budget jewels and accessories well. Because the cost of marriage is not only wedding jewels and accessories. The total expenditure is not small, and we cannot break the balance of payments on a whim.

Small Wedding Jewels and Accessories Cannot Ignore– Part 2

Third, the bride’s jewels or accessories match the hair type. On the wedding day, the beauty of the bride should not be part of it. To show the beauty of the whole. Now, the bride’s hairstyle is also an important factor. It’s for the matching of the bride’s jewels or accessories. Ear-covering hairstyle, suitable for wearing ring. You can choose to expose only one earlobe. Wearing the big and short ring, it is symmetrical with the black hair on the other side. The bride can also choose short and thin necklaces of jewels or accessories. It contrasts with thick hair. The bride with thin hair and short hair should wear a necklace with diamonds. The bride with thick hair and short hair can wear a thicker Gem fancy chain. The bride with long hair and loose hair is suitable for a thin and short necklace.

Fourthly, the bride rings of jewels or accessories match the hand type. Speaking of the choice of the bride’s ring, it must match the hand type. Choosing ring jewels or accessories can look at the size. Also, the jewels or accessories that suit you best are the most beautiful. The fleshy fingers should avoid Diamond-sized jewels or accessories. Try to choose a simple and narrow ring. In this way, it can be slender. If you think your fingers are not long enough, you can use a straight-line ring to decorate them. Slender fingers are easier to match jewels or accessories of various styles. It suggests to add finger charm with horizontal ring. In terms of modeling, a long bar will look very good. Of course, the same is true for multi-layer inlay, round and square gems.

Small Wedding Jewels and Accessories Cannot Ignore– Part 3

Marriage is an important day in the bride’s life. Every bride wants her to be so beautiful on the wedding day. Then in the process of preparing the wedding, we cannot ignore every small detail. A good jewels or accessories can add to the icing on the cake. Set off the brilliance of the bride. An inappropriate jewels or accessories will appear inappropriate. So how should a smart bride choose jewels or accessories?

First, the bride’s jewels or accessories should match the wedding style. First of all, the bride should determine the style of her wedding. Determine your jewels or accessories according to your style. Are you holding a Western wedding? If you shake your head with golden steps, even if it is beautiful, it will also make you laugh. Therefore, the choice of jewels or accessories cannot only depend on one’s mind. But to consider in many ways. Western wedding white dress, jewels or accessories, it is best to choose diamonds. Of course, it can also be crystal, silver and white jewelry. Want to hold a traditional Chinese wedding? Then wear Chinese jewels or accessories. For example, dragon and phoenix totem with strong atmosphere. And jadeite and Jade with strong Chinese style. These jewels or accessories are auspicious and solemn.

Classy Wedding Jewels and Accessories– Part 1

Second, the bride’s jewels or accessories match the dress. The match between jewels or accessories and clothing is a very important knowledge. You know, sometimes the clothing can add a lot of charm. Because of reasonable matching of jewels or accessories. On the contrary, if jewels or accessories mismatched, they will look neither fish nor fowl. I always feel strange. Bridal wedding is strapless long? It can match with shiny jewels or accessories. Those are complex and larger in size. Wedding dress with petals, lace, chiffon and other elements of the use of bra short wedding dress? Then jewels or accessories will choose some lightweight styles with romantic flower shapes. Such jewels or accessories can show the decent temperament of bridesmaids. And it gives people a feeling of youth and vitality. If the wedding dress is short-sleeved, wear appropriate bracelets.

The jewels or accessories lined with beautiful wrists. This will make the bride more gentle and beautiful. When you wear a long-sleeved dress to cover your wrist, you can not wear jewels or accessories on your hands. The most taboo is to wear a pair of jewels or accessories outside the gloves. If you want to wear a watch, you must choose a small and delicate one. Otherwise, you ‘d better not wear it. Inappropriate jewels or accessories can only be a useless burden. Especially when you look at your watch and find that it is five minutes slower, it is even more embarrassing. Meanwhile, please keep your bridesmaid’s jewels or accessories consistent with yours. Don’t wear a watch. As for mobile phones, pagers and other jewels or accessories that may make a sound at the wedding. It is better not to take them.

Classy Wedding Jewels and Accessories– Part 2

Fifth, the bride earrings will be very beautiful and match the face shape. Earrings are good jewels or accessories to set off the face shape. Can help women avoid weaknesses. Even if it can called an all-match oval face. It can also “add icing on the cake” to itself through jewels or accessories with unique shapes “. Long face can choose to wear large and dazzling inlaid earring. This can increase the width of the face. Do not choose the ring. You can also choose necklace jewels or accessories with larger vertical arc. Square face can choose to wear curly lines or round earrings. To buffer the edges and corners of the face. Where is the face shape under the top tip? Jewels or accessories in the shape of “Upper Big lower small” should selected. That is to balance the efficacy of the width of the lower jaw.

Round face? The facial length can increase by selecting linear jewels or accessories. This brings some flexibility to the plump face. The colors of jewels or accessories should coordinated with the dressing colors. The blending of the same color system can produce harmonious beauty. If the color matching with larger contrast is appropriate? Then it can make people look lively and lovely. The color of jewels or accessories for ear should also matched with skin color. People who wear dark colors should not wear jewels or accessories that are too bright and bright. You can choose silver white pearl jewels or accessories. However, women with white and tender skin can choose more jewels or accessories. Wearing red and dark jewels or accessories can foil the luster of skin color.

Classy Wedding Jewels and Accessories– Part 3

Sixth, jewels or accessories match the neck type. In the match of bride’s jewels or accessories, make good use of strengths and avoid weaknesses. Do not match jewels or accessories improperly. This will expose its own shortcomings more obviously. Brides with slender neck can wear necks or larger jewels or accessories. More sexy and charming neck. What about the bride who is not satisfied with her neck? Instead, they can save the trouble of wearing jewels or accessories around necks. Don’t do too much embellishment. But if the open collar of the wedding dress is relatively low? Then you can choose to wear relatively long jewels or accessories with pendants. For, traditional wedding dresses with large girdle skirts? They are generally equipped with larger open collar. You should wear exquisite jewels or accessories in front of your chest. Stretch tight wedding dresses give people a sense of slender.

And they are not suitable for exaggerated big jewels or accessories. Wearing fine jewels or accessories can better reflect the elegance of the bride. If the dress itself decorated with beads or lace, you ‘d better not wear jewels or accessories. Even if you want to wear it, you have to choose small jewels or accessories. In order not to give people a messy and vulgar feeling. Every bride wants to be as perfect as a princess in a fairy tale at the wedding. Read this, have we explained it clearly to you? Jewels or accessories at the wedding are not large in size. They still need to be carefully selected. Create the most suitable jewels or accessories for yourself. And be a beautiful and shiny bride all over the body!

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