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Patio, Holding 10,000 Imaginations of Your Ideal Life

Human beings are the sons of nature. Because of the sunshine or a gust of breeze. And the dim moonlight or the vast stars, there are always soft emotions in the bottom of my heart for no reason. Moving emotions for nature is something engraved in our genes.

Patio is the poetic extension of indoor space to nature. And how to design a patio? How to perfectly combine natural environment with patio life? All these explain your understanding of life.


It is the best choice for flower lovers to do the following. That is, to design the patio as a hanging garden and fill it up with flowers and plants.

Iris, Milan, Rose, Clover… Four Seasons Bloom alternately. Your patio in different seasons has different fragrance.

Set up a swing chair in thepatio, swing, read and take a rest in the flower room. Making the balcony, a private space, more comfortable and childish.

Of course, you can also design a glass greenhouse for your patio. Even if it is cold winter outside the window, the heavy snow is floating. The family can also stay in the glasspatio where flowers are blooming. Eating a hot pot or scalding a pot of hot wine is pleasant.


Pets need more outdoor space. The patio gives them a good place to enjoy themselves at home.
Naughty children are running and playing among the flowers in the patio. If birds and butterflies fly, they will be interested. Chasing and fighting on your patio. Maybe you will accidentally knock over the flowerpot. You will be angry. But you always forgives at the first time. You love flowers, and your love for everything is hidden in your heart.


Who said that the party could only go to noisy entertainment places or the living room with walls around?
Put a textured sofa and tea table on the patio. Form a leisure area for you and your friends. Hold a patio party. Play a few rounds of popular desktop games. Relax in nature and freedom.
If you set up a sunshade, the patio will have another style. For the afternoon tea of wives and girlfriends, there is no need to drive for a long journey. Thepatio becomes the best place for girlfriends to get together.


At night, romance spreads slowly on the patio. Reasonable lighting is the best “makeup” in the patio environment.
Under the light of the warm yellow patio, the night is also gentle. Those days that need a sense of ceremony should be unfolded on the patio to multiply the taste. No one will disturb the private patio. Two glasses of red wine and several dishes. A smell of fireworks in the world with a long flow of water.


There are high-rise buildings in the city, but you can see the vast starry sky on the patio.
Put an astronomical telescope on your patio. Children watch the moon with their parents. Look at Saturn’s halo. See Jupiters great red spot… Let children have the consciousness of the universe from childhood. Let those stars blinking in the night sky have their names blurted out.
Have the mind of heaven and earth. This is a childhood gift from the patio for children.
When people are creating patio space, they actually define themselves. It is also yourself who wants to be placed in a certain orderly state.
The need of our patio is just to seek a spiritual space that can be properly placed.
According to preference, the patio can be reasonably divided into viewing area and planting area. There are also leisure area, dining area and tea room. The whole family can find their own spiritual space in the patio.
The patio,
holds 10,000 imaginations of your and your family about the ideal life.

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