98 Different Tattoo Ideas of Geometric and Mandala Patterns

Since I got a tattoo,

I was always asked tattoo questions by people around me.

“Where is your tattoo idea from?”

Everyone has the same tattoo pattern with

Different ideas,

But there are some similarities.

Today, let’s take a look at the ideas of Tattoo patterns.

Mens Who Hve Tattoo Patterns

The realization now is not only that girls have tattoos. Many men also began to choose some artistic patterns. This kind of men are usually warm men. That is the type that girls like now. So don’t tattoo big flower arms that feel good about yourself. It is better to follow the fashion trend closely. And have some tattoo pattern style that warm men should have. We will bring you some of the most popular tattoo patterns in 2020. No matter in the year of the monkey or the month of the horse, these tattoo patterns are also very practical. If you like it, you can tattoo it! The first is the arrow tattoo pattern. This tattoo pattern is one of the most popular tattoo patterns for men and women now.

It is especially suitable for you who like simple line tattoos. They are often just a simple black outline. There are no decorations of those messy colors. This tattoo pattern makes people look very clean and comfortable. Let’s take a look at the black arrow tattoo pattern. A separate arrow tattoo pattern has the meaning of defense. Also, and protection from injury. Two cross arrow tattoo patterns are symbols of friendship. You can tattoo with your best friend. Of course, a girlfriend is also OK. Then there are colorful arrows. The tattoo pattern of three to five or more arrows is a symbol of strength and unity. You can add some geometric lines, neat and clean. Or the detailed design with a medieval sense of retro. Then there are several simple lines side by side.

Strengful Tattoo Patterns

Next is the wolf tattoo. Generally speaking, tattoos are for those who want to show their personality. In addition, it also has the characteristic of loyalty. Of course, this tattoo pattern also means a predatory power. Let’s take a look at the Black Wolf Cub tattoo. According to the survey, black tribal wolves are the most popular. It can stride on ankles, arms, back, legs and other parts. With birds, trees or the moon. Personally, I think the tattoo pattern of “geometric Wolf” is more beautiful. Then there is the colored pattern of wolf cub tattoo. Don’t you want a pure black tattoo? You can add some color to your Wolf tattoo. In an instant, it changed from a cool grass wolf to an interesting and fashionable cartoon wolf.

Many men are passionate about electronic products. Then you can tattoo a computer tattoo. This kind of pattern can be keyboard, symbol, circuit board, etc. So what are the meanings of these patterns? The pattern of patterned circuit board can highlight the love of brain like a computer. The tattoo pattern of the monitor is also relatively personalized. The tattoo pattern of keyboard generally refers to a person. He is more thoughtful and wants to be a legal person. Like small tattoo patterns? You can tattoo some computer-related icons on your fingers. Many people will choose simple retro computer tattoo patterns. That is with black or black outlines. It can stride on shoulders, legs, arms or wrists. More creative people will choose to make a circuit board tattoo on their feet or back.

Tattoo Patterns of Colorful Series

What about the tattoo patterns of the color computer series? It recommends not to use the tattoo pattern which is too cartoon. It is better to bring some artistic line beauty. Then add some color embellishment. The color of this tattoo pattern should not be too much. Next we will talk about mountain tattoos. Are you a lover of nature tattoo patterns? You can look at the tattoo pattern of the mountain tattoo below. The mountain is the symbol of power. Under any circumstances, it will continue to exist. So this tattoo will remind you to keep strong no matter what happens. In addition, mountain tattoo patterns also mean difficulties you overcome during your journey. So you can also add some meaningful text or date tattoo patterns.

Are there many cool mountain tattoo patterns? Like a heartbeat of mountains? There are also some more realistic images. For example, the reflection of mountain forests in the water. In addition, adding some color can make the tattoo look more freehand. Gray mountains can dot with blue sky and green forests. This tattoo pattern can be tattoo on the forearm, shoulder, chest or lower leg. It looks very realistic. Next is the camera tattoo pattern. This tattoo pattern is very suitable for the general public who like photography. With the progress of technology, everyone will take photos with their mobile phones. But now there are still many people who like to walk around with cameras. So this time we have prepared some camera tattoo patterns for your reference.

How to Protect Tattoo Patterns

Do you want a striking camera tattoo pattern? You can ask the tattoo artist to Black this pattern. Or add some supporting roles to your camera tattoo pattern. For example, birds, planes, mountains and forests. Want a big pattern on the back? You can add some film patterns. Around the back. The colored camera tattoo pattern looks more modern. Men’s tattoo can make the mechanical feeling of the tattoo pattern stronger. Or make the 3D feeling of the tattoo pattern stronger.

So, how to maintain the tattoo pattern? This is just like those clothes with colorful patterns. The tattoo pattern will fade and look old after a long time. Dry skin also affects the quality of tattoo patterns. This requires us to do a good job in skin care. Don’t feel that men are rough. Men are the same as women in skin care. In normal times, you also need to use some body milk and so on. Only in this way can your tattoo pattern be better protected.

Text Slogans of Tattoo Patterns

When it comes to the most classic tattoo pattern, it should be the text slogan. Because it can best reflect the purpose of a person’s tattoo. Or express the most direct thoughts in our hearts. Tattoo pattern may be the sentence that touched you most once. It may be your warmest mood at a certain stage. It may also be your dream all the time. Of course, it may also be the person you can’t forget. Of course, these tattoo patterns are for people with stories. For other girls, tattoo pattern is the impulse in the hidden place. Tattoos are completely because of mystery and sexy. The position where the rib of the tattoo pattern is on the top, one side of the back or in the middle. It is a must-kill device for swimsuit.

However, it suggests that the tattoo pattern should not be too long or too long. Enough is enough. Don’t you mind others seeing these tattoo patterns on your skin? Then the tattoo pattern is a good choice in the arm. Handsome girls like to wear loose simple white T in summer. Especially when the sleeves rolled up casually, the tattoos exposed are very cool. Besides text tattoo patterns, abstract lines are the most popular in the past two years. Among them, the figure line tattoo pattern is very perceptual. Especially the application of tattoo patterns of female portraits. It reflects the extremely high artistic taste. Lines and tattoo patterns of different bodies have a surprising effect on the skin. It makes things that look like plane vivid and interesting. Such tattoo patterns set off the charm of women’s bodies.

Casual Tattoo Patterns

The tattoo pattern on the thigh is relatively casual. It can be either simple or complex. But the tattoo pattern may also need to consider the change of thigh thickness. The simpler the abstract line tattoo pattern at the ankle, the better. A long vertical line printed on the Achilles tendon also has the effect of stretching the lower leg. Compared with arms or legs, it is more attractive to put abstract lines on the ribs on the lower side of the chest. Because such tattoo patterns can better fuse with the curves of the body. Next are some recommendations for tattoo patterns. Let’s draw some inspiration from nature and put it in the tattoo pattern. It believes that most girls’ first choice of tattoo pattern is flower. Because for women, flowers exist like a soul mate. Loving flowers is a girl’s nature.

The flower tattoo pattern may not be as simple as the slogan. And the tattoo pattern is fashionable and full of artistic sense. But it is the tattoo pattern which is the easiest to make women send out charm and elegance. Nature not only endows us with the most touching flowers and plants. It also gave us wonderful sun, moon and stars. Therefore, some girls will also choose the Sun, the moon and the stars as tattoo patterns. Even rain, snow, cloud, lightning and other natural things. The small tattoo pattern is both low-key and cute. The boy who doesn’t want to walk on the normal road still loves the tattoo pattern of big flower arm most. Now many of them don’t have the tattoo of snakes. Tattoo patterns made up of various small patterns are also cool. Of course, the premise of large sleeves tattoo pattern is muscle.

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