65 Classy Nail Polish Ideas Including Nail Coat and Nail Colors

The modification of nails is an important part of women’s beauty.

Women who love nails always like to apply nail polish on their nails.

However, before beautifying the nails,

Learn about nail coat and nail colors in nail polish process.


When applying nail polish, first base the nails.

Before applying nail polish, you must shake the nail polish.

Besides, nail polish can randomly color.

Now, let’s see these various classy nail polish ideas.

My Favorite Nail Polish

These two days, I accompanied my friends to a nail salon and made nails. It feels great to dress up from head to foot! But there were little fairies complaining to me before. They say their nails are fragile. Therefore, it is easy to break the nail polish. I just want to say one thing about this. Sister, please know about nail polish. Nail polish not only has various colors. And it can smear at home. Don’t run to nail salon, save time.

During this period, I was also addicted to nail polish and bought many bottles. Today, I will share with you my favorite nail polish. KIKO nail polish is an Italian brand. But in recent years, it is also very hot in our country. On Facebook, I accidentally brushed its nail polish to test the color. The colorful feeling is like love. Green nail polish is what no one dared to try before. It can say that the fire is not good this year. Fluorescent green, mustard green, vegetation green and avocado green. These Nail Polish have different feelings under different saturation.

Recommendation of Nail Polish

Personally, I prefer avocado green nail polish. Because its color is very fresh and suitable for summer. Also because its saturation is not very high, it will not be very black when painted. In contrast, among these bottles of nail polish, the brightness of lemon yellow is higher. This kind of nail polish is more attractive. Recommend as another color. Don’t paint all your hands, or it will be very Southeast Asian style. Kiko’s red nail polish. Background a little Mae leveling. After getting started, it will appear that the whole person is extraordinarily lively. Superimposed sequins will not exaggerate as “Spring Festival”.

“You like the sea, and I loved you”. I always have a special feeling for the sea. Sit quietly on the beach and listen to the sound of the waves. This can instantly comfort my agitated heart. Kiko’s small square bottle Nail Polish #79 color. It is a very beautiful navy blue. It looks white when you get started. It belongs to the yellow skin which shows its temperament. And the white skin which painted with a color of the second immortal. This kind of nail polish can give people a refreshing feeling. It is simply perfect to apply it in summer. Fairies who don’t like various colors can also choose milk orange nail polish. Very gentle, very Daily, very likable.

Nail Polish of Kiko Brand

In fact, this is not the first time I have contacted Kiko’s nail polish. Last winter, my partner gave me several bottles of nail polish from his home. Share My favorite two nail polish colors-bean paste color and lotus root purple. The nail polish saturation of bean paste color is relatively high. Apply two layers of color and it will be very rich. Temperament and cute. Put on the sweater and paint it, and you will be the eye-catching sweetheart. The purple nail polish saturation of lotus root is lower than that of bean paste. The overall feeling is clearer. Generally, I will apply two layers of nail polish. Then brush on the bright surface and seal the nail polish. The effect is very bright, full of immortal spirit. Kiko also has a frosted sealing nail polish. Can instantly turn the bright nail polish into a matte.

Ducato is a brand of nail polish that cherry blossom girls like very much. Before I went to Japan to play, I went to the drug store to have a look. This nail polish package is cute and straight to the heart of a girl. The color is also very beautiful, it looks very exciting. This time it produced a new nail polish. Classic color matching, lively and vigorous. It is just right to wear a small skirt. The brightness of the nail polish in these two colors is not high. Moderate saturation. Getting started is the feeling of clear jelly armor. It’s the Japanese routine. That’s right. Compared with other brands of nail polish, Ducato has its unique advantages. That is, the color of nail polish is fresh and tender, which is in line with women’s preferences.

Low Saturation Green Nail Polish

Low saturation green nail polish also has a special flavor.  Whether it is single-painted or as a whole, it is very beautiful. Sakura sister has a special preference for earth color series. Also, and milk tea color series nail polish. The milk-brown nail polish of Ducato is clear and light. Although it seems a little boring to paint in summer. Yet, it can make a different feeling when matching sweaters in autumn and winter. There is no big problem with bean paste nail polish. Moderate saturation and low lightness. Kiko nail polish has a similar color. But probably because of the formula, the color adhesion of Ducato nail polish is not as good as Kiko. It is more “transparent” and more girlish.

Personally, I think the durability of this nail polish is average. Not as good as H M. However, for us girls who like the new and dislike the old, it is OK to keep it for a few days! COFFRET oxalor, also known as coffee beans. I have also introduced its nail polish to you before. Make the color play incisively and vividly. The gorgeous feeling looks happy. Different from its new products, the nail polish of coffee beans is not so “colorful” in color “. If Ducato nail polish is Harajuku girl. The coffee beans are more like the pick of an intellectual sister. The pink nail polish of its meat is very light. Get started with almost nothing presence. It is very suitable for commuting to work.

Nail Polish of Bright Style

Fairies who like bright style can choose their jujube red nail polish. Because the color is transparent and will not show old when you get started. Light gray nail polish for coffee beans. Ladies and gentlemen, please be sure to look over. The whole color of this kind of nail polish is with a drop of purple tone, which will not be as dull as Onychomycosis. Although it will not be as white as red nail polish, it is better than low-key daily life. Office workers can also control it easily. Fairies who like “heavy taste” can pick dark green nail polish from coffee beans.

The color is very rich, generally two layers can achieve the desired effect. Although the nail polish of this color is a “minefield” that many office workers cannot touch “. But because it is too white, people can’t help attract by it. After using it, I think the endurance of nail polish of coffee beans is slightly higher than that of Ducato. Saturation is also stronger. You can refer to it when you buy it. Well, today about nail polish, Amway comes here first. There are many beautiful colors. I believe there is always one that can capture the hearts of fairies.

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