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Top 24 Modern Yard Ideas for Your Front Yard and Back Yard

The landscape of the yard is the soul of the whole yard, which influences the pattern of the it. Yard design is a kind of design. It makes yard living environment further optimized. That is by various methods of landscape planning and design. And meets people’s needs in all aspects. However, whether the yard design is successful or not depends not on the size of the yard. And not on the cost. But on whether the yard can communicate with the owner’s heart. Also, and bring different warmth and pleasure to the family.

Features of house decoration in European and American style. First, Uniform color, simple decoration and good materials. Second, the processing of the simple European style decoration process is very simple. It mainly using materials and furniture to reflect the style. Also, enough space needed. If there is not enough space for the yard, it may not be like that after installation. Third, in the initial stage of making European style, the tone should considered first. Avoid the style of dark hue. Otherwise, adding dark hue into the simple space will make people feel very depressed.

Materials of Modernism Style Yard Decoration

There are many styles of yard, while the modernism style reflects the beauty of simplicity and pursues freedom, unrestrained and magnanimity. This kind of yard highlights the freshness and fashion of the yard by quoting new decoration materials and adding simple and abstract elements, and comparing the color of the sketch. On the other hand, this kind of yard uses the simplest line outline to analyze the overall structure of the space, and forms an impact on the space with unique color matching, thus enlarging the beauty of the yard in the simplest way.

For example, using cobblestones as pavement setting, or using grass terrace can make the yard have both patterns and lively; on the roof can be decorated with plastic artificial lawn and dry flowers, making it hard to distinguish the true from the false. And in this way, we can plant less plant materials and save maintenance labor. In the choice of plant materials of the yard, plants like calamus, ophiopogon and iris can be used very often. And make the garden more vibrant with reasonable color matching. In this way, not only the yard landscape effect is good, but also the workload of trimming, watering or fertilizing the plants can be reduced.

Delicate Design of the Natural Style Yard

The design of the natural yard is to show the space environment which is close to the natural scenery and atmosphere and coordinates with the surrounding facilities. In design, natural yard pursues the aesthetic realm of “although it is made by people, it is developed from the heaven”. In small and medium-sized yards, natural bushes, lawns or potted flowers can be cultivated to soften the outline of rigid roads and buildings, so as to create a natural and pleasant yard.

Especially, the low and flat lawn can be used for people’s activities, which not only makes the yard more intimate but also makes the garden more bigger than the actual one. Small and delicate. The big one is only more than one hectare, while the small one is only a few hectares, among which the details are the most wonderful part of the natural yard. The smooth plant lines in the natural yard are the main body. The planning of the color of the upper and middle level, especially the main color of the lower flowerglasses, makes the yard present an elegant and soft temperament in each season.

Yard in Regular Shapes

Regular yard can be divided into symmetric and asymmetric ones. Symmetry yard has two central axis intersecting at the central point of the courtyard, which divides the yard into four completely symmetrical parts. The regular symmetrical yard is solemn and magnificent, giving people the feeling of peace, stability and order. The two axes of the regular asymmetric type do not intersect at the center point of the yard, and the single component element is also often odd. Its layout only focuses on adjusting the visual center of gravity of the yard without emphasizing repetition. Therefore, compared with the former, asymmetric yard is more dynamic and active.

There are many rules to follow in the layout. We can choose a relatively regular layout method to trim some plants that are resistant to pruning, such as boxers, gardenia and so on into neat hedges, and we can also build them into balls to make the environment more gorgeous and delicate. Especially it is a better choice to apply regular plastic trees in the yards of European and American architectures. No matter the big yards or small parts, this style can be adopted according to the actual situation.

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