42 Creative Flower Tattoo Designs for Arms

This year, flowers have become a popular trend again. The new products promoted by major brands this year all have the elements of flowers. In the fashion label of tattoos in 2020, there must be a place for “flowers. Women are born with strange love for flowers, and their love for flowers comes from nature. It’s really hard to resist them. What’s more, spring is the time for everything to recover. When it comes to putting spring on body, what is more suitable than flower tattoos?

Flowers seem to be an immortal theme. Flowers tatoos on your arms make you look gorgeous and delicate. Either blooming or shameful flowers tattoos dotted on the arms make people feel better all day! Whether the petals of flower tattoos are scattered or blooming will make you show thousands of amorous feelings while raising your hands and feet. The softness, fragility and delicacy of women can all be shown by flower tattoos. In the hazy, it seems that you can smell the fragrance of the flower tattoos inked on your body.

New Definition of Flower Tattoos

“Flower tattoos” proposed by Britain attracted people’s attention. “Flower tattoos” are not simply tattoos on the body, but “tattoos” with flowers “. The most important step of “flower tattoo” is to choose beautiful flowers and then stick the flowers on your body.

  1. After selecting the flowers, it is how to match them. First, match flowers on the paper.
  2. After matching the flowers, apply glue on the flowers. Of course, we should choose glue that can not hurt the skin.
  3. Finally, stick the flowers on your body. You can also stick to other places.

Patterns of Flower Tattoos

It is said that girls like flowers, but if you like flowers and want tattoos, how can you miss this episode of a complete collection of colorful flower tattoos of girls? Colorful flower tattoos have extremely high simulation degree, as if there is a flower that never fades on your skin, which is always beautiful and charming. If you don’t like pure flower tattoos, maybe you can add patterns you like. For example, flowers and fish are very classic and unique matches.

Daisy flower tattoos are exquisite and small, with pure meanings of love and hope. Both flowers and flower language are so beautiful. The combination of purple rose tattoo and dreamnet is very unique and beautiful, which is the symbol of your personality and beauty. The flower tattoos tattooed from the back to the back can always give people a sense of mystery. The flower on the left is like a ring with a special design, simple and pure beauty. The pink rose tattoos on the right are natural and vivid, and they are connected into branches and leaves by English strings, which are very new.

The Origin of Rose Tattoos

Rose is one of the most popular tattoos materials and ideas. Rose often reminds us of romance and interpersonal relationship, but there are still many symbolic meanings behind rose tattoos. It is not only a beautiful flower, roses of different colors have different meanings.

Many people in Victorian era have conservative traditions, which is essentially an elegant era of nostalgia and romance. Red Rose has an ancient relationship with Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Venus is considered as the spokesperson of beauty and charm. It is said that all roses were white in the older days, but one day, venus fell down in the Rose cluster the thorns of the Rose would stab her feet, and her blood would dye the rose red. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis. One day, Adonis was attacked by a boar and was at his last gasp. When he was helping him, Aphrodite fell into a pile of thorns, and her blood dropped on the ground to generate roses. In this battle, Zeus revived Adonis, from then on, the Red Rose had the meaning of rebirth.

The Meaning of Rose Tattoos

Yellow roses tattoos are always associated with friendship. As a symbol of friendship, they are different from love. Compared with red roses tattoos, yellow roses tattoos are more unusual and not that delicate. They are delicate but more fragile and need more attention and care, just like friendship, which means attention and cultivation. Yellow is also related to warmth, optimism and happiness. Yellow Rose tattoo is the symbol of happiness and relaxation. Traditionally, white represents the pure color, so it has been the flower of mourning the dead for a long time. White roses and flowers tattoos are also symbols of true love, so people will apply them to wedding bouquets again. Because they can also symbolize innocence.

Roses were originally pink, but now they are still pink among their wild varieties. Pink rose tattoos symbolize gratitude, gratitude, admiration and tenderness. They are usually regarded as the symbol of young love or consideration rather than romantic love. Rose tattoos of different colors usually affect the meaning of the Rose body. Pink tattoo is a kind of not too harsh red, which is why it may have evolved into a similar meaning with red rose. There are few myths involving pink roses in history, but they are the preferred flowers for gratitude.

The Unique Flower Tatoos

The noble and elegant purple onshore flower tattoo is different from the common tattoo patterns. The dark purple tattoos put a layer of mysterious color on the onshore flower, which is a kind of unspeakable pure feeling; while the bright red onshore flower tattoo pattern shows enthusiasm, the feeling of independence is more positive. The overall tattoos with dark color as the main tone seem mysterious, which makes people immediately put themselves into the artistic conception of the other bank flower, unable to extricate themselves, and the design of the back tattoos converge low-key with connotation, it is deeply loved by many girls.

If you think that the vast tattoo patterns of the other bank flowers are too conspicuous, you can choose this kind of small pattern for tattoos. The delicate pattern of the other bank flower tattoos looks delicate and lovely. Even if the love story behind it implies sadness and beauty, it will not affect the mood, but give people a feeling of moving. Up to now, the tattoos of onshore flowers have been popular, and there are still many people who are fond of pursuing them. Many girls are fond of the sadness and enthusiasm of seeing onshore flower tattoos and the profound moral behind them. If you like it too, you might as well have a try!

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