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29 Planting in Pot Ideas for Outside and Inside

Planting in pots refers to potted plants under 30cm. Small planting in pots express landscape. There are many kinds of planting in pots. Generally, it depends on the tree type, tree number, tree height, tree species, ornamental and style.

Planting in pots can move. It is also very convenient to manage and watch, and can arrange in tea tables, desks or small rooms. planting in pots is the most suitable potted plant for lovers living in cities without sufficient space. As the living environment becomes smaller and smaller, planting in pots has gradually attracted attention at home and abroad. There are also four styles to choose from, such as pastoral style and modern style. in fact, there are many kinds of flowers planting in pots. It is really not that easy to recommend good-looking and well-nourished potted plants. But if you like the way plants burst into pots, you might as well try the following plants.

What to Plant in Pots

Nowadays, many people will plant fruits in small pots. Speaking of good fruits, there are strawberries, grapes, small tomatoes, figs and pitaya. These kinds of fruits are well planted and well fed, which are very suitable for breeding at home. Not only that, the fruits they bear are delicious.

Planting in pots of strawberries is very simple, and strawberries are also easy to bear fruit, and maintenance is also very simple. Just plant the strawberry seedlings you bought into a flowerpot, put them in a semi-shady place, and plant them in a month. Many people also do planting in pots of grapes at home. Grapes can say to be relatively easy to grow and grow. However, only by providing sufficient light for grapes during maintenance and doing a good job of water replenishment can they have good results. The method of planting in pots of small tomatoes is relatively simple. After preparing high-quality seeds and flower soil, sow the seeds into the soil and water them properly after covering them. If you want to make the little tomatoes germinate faster, you can put on the plastic wrap to keep warm.

Steps of Planting in Pots

1. Firstly, fill two thirds of the soil in the small flowerpot, and then insert the seeds into the soil in the order of circling (if you want to shorten the germination time of the seeds, you can peel off the outer skin of the seeds, here, in order not to damage the seeds, there is no peeling), after the seeds are fully inserted, a layer of soil is laid on the seeds to cover the seeds. Sprinkle a little water on the balcony and wait for germination (be careful not to sprinkle too much water every time, just sprinkle a little water every day to moisten the soil)

2. It sprouted in about ten days. There is one that grows very fast. The skin of the seed mentioned above is peeled and then planted, so it sprouted earlier. If you want to sprout earlier, you can peel the skin of the seed first.
3. The seeds begin to germinate slowly in about 15 days
4. It will grow into a small bonsai in 27 days, and the leaves will also grow dense. You only need to water it occasionally
5. After 30 days, it will grow into a small green potted plant. The leaves of the grapefruit smell fresh. Just after spraying the water, the small potted plant of the grapefruit still shines with sparkling water drops.

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