Holiday Home Decor

Cute and Creative Hand Painted Pumpkins for Kids and Decoration

When it comes to Halloween, you will definitely think of pumpkin lantern. The origin of this round pumpkin lantern and Halloween said to come from a mysterious legend.

On Halloween night, what does it mean if someone hangs a pumpkin lantern on the window? It means that those who wear Halloween costumes can knock at the door and ask for candy. Therefore, pumpkin has become the perfect decoration for many families to celebrate Halloween.

Today, people no longer satisfy with simple pumpkin lamp carving. Instead, more creative elements introduced into this orange carrier. Thus, creating a beautiful scenery of Halloween.

Let us follow all kinds of imaginative tricks to play Halloween painted pumpkin together!

Since then, painted pumpkin introduced to this holiday. Halloween is not only thriller and horror. These colored pumpkins, which divided by beautiful colors, add a lot of happiness.

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