45 Amazing Spring Nail Ideas in Acrylic Shape and Almond Shape

Spring is coming, and we also wear some new clothes for our nails. spring nails can make your nails more white and elegant. Women who love beauty will not let go of any detail to improve temperament. There is no difference between naked running and hands without applying spring nails. Yes, bare young hands are like mouths without lipstick without the embellishment of spring nails. Beautiful spring nails dance on the keyboard, shuttle back and forth on the mobile phone screen, fiddling with the eyebrows…… Looking at it makes people happy.

Spring nails deserve more favor, just like we love lips. Give spring nails different colors, a small color can drive the happiness of the whole spring. Hand selfies painted with spring nails look good! spring nails are also an essential eye-catching artifact in stars’ selfies! We have listed some nail polish colors suitable for spring nails, and some special white color of spring nails nail polish, which can match different clothes to show different temperament! During this period of time, the weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the heavy down jackets were all put away. In the season of single clothes and small cardigan, spring nails have become the highlight again! spring nails, there are always small flowers and various pink colors. This time I tried to find spring nails of different styles, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences!

The Most Welcome Color of Spring Nails

The most welcoming spring is the colorful spring nails! The “Weird Girl” style of candy color matching with different spring nails can be suddenly popular recently probably because spring has not arrived yet. The color of spring nails must be bright enough to drive away the haze of dark clouds! Simple candy-colored spring nails are the entry style of “weird girl” manicure. Simple flat French with bright candy color, such spring nails will make you feel better. Girls with white hands can also boldly try color matching in the color of spring nails. The light green spring nails are full of the vitality of spring. This kind of naughty color matching brings people a good mood and also has the effect of age reduction.

Girls who think the color matching of the spring nails above is a bit too conspicuous can try the gentle spring nails. This kind of spring nails adopt soft smoky color as a whole. Although the style is simple, it is very elegant and has a feeling like spring breeze. It is especially suitable for OL people ~ The spring nails of small flowers, which are upgraded on the basis of candy color. First, choose the color of jumping off, and then draw lovely flower elements. Such spring nails are simple and lively, which are particularly pleasing. They are simply the cutest one in the kindergarten. Compared with the complicated and exquisite Japanese spring nails, this simple style seems to be more suitable for spring. Such spring nails make you look very energetic. This spring nails have no complicated decoration, and even when doing sports or exercising, there is no burden on both hands.

Modify Your Own Spring Nails

After girls find the style of spring nails they like, they can also modify them according to their own preferences. For example, you can adjust the color matching of spring nails and coordinate the proportion and position of flowers with the manicurist; You can also add some pearl elements to your spring nails, which are very cute and eye-catching, but this is still your unique “Little Flower manicure”. In addition to the cute small flower spring nails, girls can also upgrade to the floral spring nails. Compared with the cuteness of the small flower spring nails, the floral spring nails have a fresh and flexible Forest style. Monochrome hits the pastoral flowers, and such spring nails have a strong sense of retro, making your fingertips full of elegance and gentleness.

The afternoon when the spring light sprinkles on the body seems to be more suitable for daydreaming, and the spring nails should not be too dull. The childlike spring nails of infinite reverie make you cute to your fingertips. Draw your favorite cartoon image on your hand, and you will be in a good mood instantly whether it is a code paper or when you punch in at work! However, this style of spring nails is a challenge for manicurist’s hand-painting skills. You can communicate with the manicurist before selecting spring nails. Properly choose 3-5 fingernails to draw your favorite cartoon color, with simple monochrome, so as to avoid the embarrassment that the ten fingers are the key points ~

Morandi Color of Spring Nails

Morandi color series + spring nails designed by extreme Jian Feng. The girl who makes this spring nails doesn’t need to explore whether you are wearing an overseas niche brand or a domestic designer. Even if you wear an ordinary T-shirt many years ago, you will be doubted whether it is a joint limited edition of an artist. Lovely hand-painted spring nails. Who doesn’t want to rub the head of a healing Meng Mei? Currently, the most popular spring nails in Japan are the first choice for little cute people. Whether hipster is cute or naughty, hand-painted spring nails with small patterns can be brought to you.

Jelly spring nails. Before loving others, love yourself well. Gentle jelly spring nails belong to the beauty of girls alone. Stick the stars and moon in the clouds and pearls in the sun on the nail surface spring nails, which will not appear too gorgeous, but also very delicate. Super a super handsome spring nails. This is the spring nails Mi Ji taken from the male stars. This kind of spring nails have their own attitude, and the aura is fully open. There is only one sentence: I don’t care. spring nails are also a match that shows your attitude. From your preference, fun and taste, to what kind of character you may be, you are inadvertently revealed in these small details of spring nails. After all, hands are your second face.

The Same Style Spring Nails with Celebrities

The recent weather is really the sunny day of March. As soon as the weather is fine, I would like to get up early for half an hour in the morning, take good care of myself and give myself a big smile. Even so, I still feel that there are still some shortcomings, not perfect enough and not delicate enough. I finally found out today that I didn’t change the spring nails!!

If you want to say the most popular spring nails, you deserve the same spring nails of stars! To put it simply, it is the unusually bright “kindergarten” color matching plus the children’s colorful spring nails. Of course, there can also be a little feminine pearls to neutralize the childishness of spring nails. Cute and cute with the feeling of a mature woman. More exaggerated and gorgeous can be made into this kind of rainbow color matching spring nails. Leopard print, Rainbow, dots, flowers, stripes and so on are all matched, one time in place. We can’t copy the appearance and figure of stars. spring nails can still be carried directly. However, considering that most babies are relatively introverted, your spring nails will be much lower-key if you change the color matching. The simpler spring nails can also be simplified into a unified hue, which feels gentle and elegant with a light color. This kind of colorful star color matching spring nails are also very eye-catching on the feet. However, it should be noted here that the color saturation selected must be high, otherwise your spring nails will not be beautiful enough if they are not bright enough.

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