30+ Amazing Summer Nail Ideas with Coffin Shape and Acrylic Shape

In the summer of early May, it is the season of the year from head to foot! Who else is eager to try the summer nails that are not ready? This time, we have collected more smart and beautiful summer nails that don’t pick skin color. You can not only try them with your fingers, but also wear beautiful sandals. Don’t ignore the beauty of toenails!

The dizzy dyed nails of summer nails test the art attainments and creativity of manicurists, so it is better to carefully choose the basic nail polish color of summer nails that you like, the more pink the summer nails are, the more hazy the beauty they have. You are right. Cat’s eye summer nails are still hot every year, and they match well with laser and gold foil. The summer nails in the deep and light colors are beautiful, so beautiful that I have nothing to say! In terms of girls and shyness, who else except the blush armor of summer nails? Ears can be blushed, summer nails should also be pink and lovely, vibrant!

Dry Flower Armor in Summer Nails

Compared with exaggerated styles such as flash, the dry flower armor in summer nails is very implicit and gentle, which is most suitable for making the same style with mom. summer nails classic style!!! Nowadays, the hottest trend is undoubtedly the metal accessories summer nails. Matching summer nails with dreamy background nail polish to embellish fingertip stars. And the divination astrology is said to have an effect on bad luck. summer nails can also be transferred, I would rather believe it has ~

Laser is the translated name of laser, a burst of ins summer nails at the end of last year. From playing tablecloth to nail polish, the trend of retro laser summer nails is everywhere. summer nails will change into wonderful lusture colors under different lights, which are dazzling. The shell armor of summer nails is not limited to wavy bulge, and the clam shell mermaid color system and pearl embellishment belong to it. This summer nails stand out among all the fancy colors this year. They are not too fancy and greasy, but fresh and touching enough.

Summer Nails Dotted with Gold Foil

Summer nails dotted with gold foil are fragmented and strip-shaped. This kind of summer nails are semi-round and flaky. Even if you choose the red base color nail polish, it will not be exaggerated too much. It can be low-key and luxurious. As the name implies, the lunar eclipse armor of summer nails is a manicure style that shows the process of lunar eclipse. The background color is mostly sapphire blue or dark black. You are the coolest guy! summer nails also have many manicure styles such as hand-painted, seal-turning, semicircle cover, etc., which can be mixed with ten fingers at will. I feel itchy while writing.

There is a big collection of summer nails. There are multiple styles. Every one is so beautiful that it bursts. There is no need to worry about the summer nails that you don’t know what to do this summer. Blue summer nails with glittering powder have special temperament. The light blue, which is dizzy and dyed like ink paintings, is extremely clear. Such summer nails look very pure. Dark blue summer nails are more artistic, and the golden flash powder decoration is especially beautiful.

Green Summer Nails

Green summer nails are particularly fresh. The green summer nails give people a feeling of vitality easily. The green matching of summer nails with hand-painted leaves and gray lattices is more fashionable and exquisite, which is suitable for hipster-style girls. The lovely hand-painted little strawberries and the strawberry milk summer nails made of milky white nail polish are the most girls’ summer nails this year. Ginger summer nails are also good, very textured, you can try it if you are interested.

Green and laser sequins match with fresh and fashionable personality. Green is the very popular color of summer nails this year. Pink and white summer nails are especially sweet and lovely, and have the effect of reducing age.

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