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70 DIY Exterior Home Decor Ideas Not Only for Your Curb Appeal

Before the exterior home decor of the villa, it should based on the characteristics. Also, age, family members and so on of the owner of the villa. Besides, combined with the environment and technological factors around the exterior home decor. Finally, the designer and the host coordinate and communicate with each other. Also, and finally plan the design scheme of exterior home decor. The owner’s participation in the design of exterior home decor can make it better. As a result, it cam reflect the owner’s taste and aesthetic taste and present it in a simple and clear style.

For families with children, their exterior home decor should design artificial grassland. There, they can place toys. Also, plant a part of brightly colored one or two-year-old ball-root .flowers and plants and so on. If there are members in the family who are good at managing plants or interested in managing plants. Then they can plant plants of four seasons in the exterior home decor. That is to build a beautiful garden landscape. For office workers families, they have no time to plant flowers and grass. Because of they are busy at work. As a result, the exterior home only plants some good-bred perennial flowers and trees. Therefore, the style of exterior home decor and plants should emphasized. And that is according to the family’s personnel structure and age.

The General Types of Exterior Home Decor–Part 1

The style and type of Villa exterior home decor are various, and the general type of exterior home decor is usually determined according to the owner’s preference. The design of exterior home decor is mainly reflected as follows: exterior home decor should be coordinated with the style of the building; exterior home decor should be regarded as a landscape of the garden to set off the overall environment; as a structure of the garden, exterior home decor should be firm in structure, accurate and exquisite in construction; Perfect integration with surrounding buildings. exterior home decor can beautify the surrounding environment.

The hue of the exterior home decor of the villa is also an element that influences the style of the courtyard, the key point of designing exterior home decor hue is to determine the main color of exterior home decor according to the architectural hue and surrounding environment.

The General Types of Exterior Home Decor–Part 2

For the Villa exterior home decor with relatively large area, the choice of style type is very wide. Because the larger the area of exterior home decor is, the more plants are available for selection, and the matching styles of exterior home decor can also be richer. However, when planting exterior home decor, attention should be paid to the comprehensive coordination, avoid non-reflection. However, the small exterior home decor has few available areas, so it must be carefully arranged and the plants planted in the exterior home decor should be reduced as much as possible.

Owners who prefer simple style exterior home decor should plant a certain number of flowers and plants in exterior home decor, or carefully design a nursery. Of course, if the owner wants to obtain a very wonderful exterior home decor landscape effect, he can also hire professional designers to make a more delicate design layout for the exterior home decor.

The General Types of Exterior Home Decor–Part 3

When making exterior home decor, color blending is of vital importance. The color processing of exterior home decor plays an important role in the shaping effect of perfect exterior home decor. The contrast and harmony of colors should be fully utilized to strengthen the artistic characteristics of exterior home decor modeling. Enrich the effect of exterior home decor to create ideal visual charm. So how to choose the color of exterior home decor? Today, let’s introduce the outdoor decoration style of the recently popular exterior home decor dark color and log style!

Many owners think that the dark color of the exterior home decor is relatively dark. In fact, the dark color decoration has a sense of atmosphere and design, which is relatively durable. exterior home decor uses non-traditional mixing, superposition and other means to create a complex and diverse exterior home decor atmosphere, replacing the unified and clear characteristics of modern style.

Classy Colors of Exterior Home Decor–Part 1

For exterior home decor, dark brown tone is calm and fashionable, which makes the whole exterior home decor look particularly concise and open. Adding a little bright white film into the pure dark brown collocation as the pen of light-up will not make the exterior home decor look silent and expressionless with dark colors, and the overall effect will be static and dynamic. The advanced dark blue exterior home decor, although not as fireworks as we love, but this color is really advanced and clean. There is no need for luxuriant decorations and tedious decorations. The simple color matching will sweep away the monotonous and boring exterior home decor. The minimalist design reflects the elegant atmosphere of the whole exterior home decor.

Northern European style log color series exterior home decor, showing a sense of advanced, is more fashionable and simple. The combination of log style and macaron green plants is very fresh and warm, creating a comfortable exterior home decor atmosphere, and the elegance runs through the whole exterior home decor space. exterior home decor is matched with a part of gray wall, which highlights the calm and grand style of exterior home decor. Every detail is exquisite. The delicate and elegant exterior home decor stirs people’s hearts and gives out charming fragrance, with a large area of pure straight paving, which is elegant and extraordinary.

Classy Colors of Exterior Home Decor–Part 2

The placement of plants has always been the focus of exterior home decor.
1. Point type. Select the potted flowers with high ornamental value, and arrange the trees on the windowsill, desktop, tea table, wall corner, kitchen top, etc., or use the tree basin to intensively arrange the wall corner, beside the sofa, etc, or hanging in the air, called point layout, has two functions of decoration and viewing.

2. Linear type. Firstly, use the potted flowers with relatively consistent image and form to arrange them in the window sill, balcony steps or flower grooves of the hall, and arrange them continuously to form a belt type, a broken line type or a square shape, a reprint, etc, it can distinguish different indoor functions, dredge and organize to see, and adjust the light. 3. Plane type. The principle of plane layout is usually to arrange dozens of pots of plants in one corner or in the center of the room to form a flower bed or a jungle view.

Classy Colors of Exterior Home Decor–Part 3

According to the number of greening plants in the exterior home decor.
1. Isolated planting. Solitary planting is the most flexible configuration form which is widely used, and it is used for indoor close-range viewing. Its posture and color are beautiful and bright, which impresses people deeply.
2. Planting. Planting refers to the relatively corresponding arrangement, which can make single plant plant or combined plant, and is often used at the entrance, stairs and both sides of the main activity area.

3. Group planting. Group planting can be divided into two types: one is the same kind of flower and tree combination group planting, which can fully highlight the natural attributes of a certain kind of flower and tree and highlight the characteristics of the long-range. The other is a variety of flowers and trees mixed to plant in groups, which can match the landscape of mountains and stones and imitate the form of nature. The configuration requires the same density, well-arranged, rich landscape layers, and increased the natural beauty of the garden.

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