50 Fantastic Boho Wedding Ideas for Cakes and Dresses

Bohemian style is the most frequently heard style in clothing. And it is also a synonym for romance and freedom. People who love boho wedding seem to bring their own unique artist temperament. Also, they eager to break the traditional life mode. This free and rebellious spirit of boho wedding also fascinates countless people. Boho wedding has a few simple elements. But it can express strong style and opinion. Besides, the theme of boho wedding is the most direct reflection of the new couple’s character. The newcomers who love the romantic boho wedding must have the soul of pursuing freedom.

If you also yearn for a unique boho wedding full of ethnic customs, you must remember these essences. I also expect you all to have a beautiful boho wedding. Boho wedding has not only strong colors, but also delicate parts. Layers of lace, leather tassels, hand-woven are all classic elements of boho wedding. Nowadays, more and more young people begin to pursue this boho wedding. And they even want to integrate this style into the wedding. So, what elements do a pure boho wedding need?

The Dream-catching Net in Boho Weddings

In fact, boho wedding’s dream-catching net also belongs to woven goods. It originated from Indian culture at the earliest. Indians use it to capture beautiful dreams. Also, let nightmares disappear with the morning sunshine. That is also a kind of yearning and pursuit for beauty. Boho wedding dream catcher has also become an essential ornament for boho wedding. Due to its unique appearance. Different sizes of dream catchers hung all over the boho wedding site. That is unique and eye-catching. Besides, brides can use large-sized catcher website as the background of boho wedding. As a result, the effect of the film is also very good, and the thick bohemian style is extremely romantic. Boho wedding represents an unprecedented romanticization. Also, vulgarization and liberalization, which is now widely used in weddings. The special tapestry full of exotic customs is one of the necessary props for boho wedding.

Here the following boho wedding gives people a kind of charming feeling. In addition to boho wedding decoration, the bride can also choose wedding dresses. The wedding dress with woven style looks more unique. It reveals the nature of freedom and romance. Here are boho wedding props. They are tapestry, log, floral decoration, cattail, feather. The simple background of boho wedding ceremony, but with a strong bohemian style. What’s more, the velvet blanket is lightly hung, and the log frame is with natural texture. There are not too many props piled up, but it creates a very romantic boho wedding atmosphere. About the bridesmaid’s clothing: Hollow lace, which is somewhat elegant in sexy. The Naked pink gauze dress matches the white coat. Thus, it appropriately makes the bridesmaid’s clothing unique. The coast of Lake siersi surrounded by mountains, and the scenery is charming. That is very colorful for their wedding.

The Decoration Details of Boho Weddings

Boho wedding decoration details: Burgundy, soft pink and dark green. These colors are full of texture, and the whole wedding is relatively unified. No matter the design of the menu or the decoration of the desktop, the elements are basically the same, and the details are quite exquisite. The flower arrangement on boho wedding table perfectly integrates with Persian carpet and becomes the highlight on the wedding table. The table flags on the boho wedding table can also be replaced by woven goods, and the delicate lines are more attractive than ordinary table flags. boho wedding with log-colored dining table, casual and charming. This kind of woven goods, even after the wedding, can be taken back home as decorations. It is not only beautiful and environmentally friendly, but also retains the good memory of the wedding.

Boho wedding holding flowers. boho wedding flowers: Eucalyptus willow leaves, cattail, royal flowers, soft lace. Light waterfall style bouquet style, colder color. Embellish it with deep red to form a strong contrast color, which highlights the true charm in the charm. boho wedding cake: the rich country style is decorated with natural elements. The lovely fleshy, gray-green eucalyptus leaves are filled with the freshness of nature everywhere. boho wedding itself originates from the clothing style of nomadic people. The special items like tents naturally became the characteristic representatives of nomads. Set up a simple tent at boho wedding to share the romantic and warm moments with the Little Sisters.

Flowers and Invitation Designs of Boho Weddings

Boho wedding flowers: parsley, African chrysanthemum, soft lace, royal flower, Rose. A unique printed carpet immediately brightened the wedding ceremony, highlighting the national style in simplicity. Weaving is the most common element in boho wedding. Gypsies often weave some decorations by hand. Such as tapestry weaving, scarf weaving and so on, all have a strong national style. As decorations of boho wedding site, these handmade products can foil a different wedding atmosphere. The white woven tapestry with tassels like this is the common decoration of boho wedding, which can be used as the background decoration of boho wedding ceremony area. The simple wooden background with woven tapestry and flowers to enrich the color immediately became unique and beautiful. However, it is not necessary to use traditional tents. If the weather is fine, you can only build a bracket and decorate it with lights or flowers, which is also very special.

Delicate and elegant boho wedding invitation design. boho wedding pays more attention to the art of weaving, most of which are used as decorations at the wedding site to foil a different boho wedding atmosphere. The wedding dress with woven style looks quite unique, perfectly embellishing the bride’s figure and revealing the nature of freedom, unruly and romance. Fairies who like outdoor wedding can consider a boho wedding with different styles and will. There are not many guests, and there is no need for a lot of ostentation and extravagance. It is quite romantic to invite some close relatives and friends to witness your solemn ceremony!

The Printed Carpet of Boho Weddings

Compared with other elements, printed carpet is the one with the most abundant colors and the strongest national style in boho wedding. Although it is a small carpet, it has rich uses. For example, it can be laid on the T-stage of boho wedding ceremony area, which is more unique than the ordinary red carpet. Or apply it to the shooting of newcomers. When the color of the whole background is too monotonous, a gorgeous printed carpet can make people shine at the moment. The single shooting of the bride can also continue this idea. In addition, it can also echo the color of the carpet by holding flowers of the same color, which is romantic and innovative.

Even if it is not spread on the ground, just hanging it randomly somewhere, it can inject strong national style into the photos. If it is an outdoor boho wedding, it is better to set up the banquet area directly at the wedding site, lay printed carpets and put them on the dining table, which looks comfortable and casual. Similarly, you can also use printed table flags to echo the overall style, matching with retro furnishings and tableware, and a casual Pat is a moving beauty. Adding tent elements to boho wedding arrangement seems to place love here, but it can’t stand a heart that wants to wander together, romantic and uninhibited. When shooting wedding photos, you might as well take the tent as the background, which not only appears to be free and casual, but also has a kind of reassuring warmth.

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