32 Amazing Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair, Medium Length Hair and Long Hair

Curly hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles this season. There are many types of curly hairstyle. The common ones are natural curly hairstyle and artificial curly hair. Natural curly hairstyle is elegant. Artificial curling is the result of people’s pursuit of beauty. A series of curling tools, such as curling stick, curling pliers and curling ball, are the result of curly hairstyle. There are many kinds of hairstyles. Generally, after curling, some can be used to make hair plump, elastic and glossy, making hair more shining and moving. Curly hairstyle is also a fashionable hair style for urban men and women.

Curly hairstyle is a kind of S-shaped hair. Actually, curly hairstyle is very popular in foreign countries, such as Korea. Besides, the hair should not be too short. It must be more than 10 cm. It has personality and charm. When you take care of short curly hairstyle, you should take care of it according to your head shape and keep a shape unchanged.

How to Choose Your Perfect Curly Hairstyle– Tips 1

First of all, talking about what kind of curly hairstyle to choose, you may consider your face shape, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. People with square, round and pear shaped (narrow forehead) faces are not suitable for curly hairstyle with big waves, which will appear sluggish and spiritless; melon face (wide forehead and sharp chin) is suitable for “Ω type” curly hairstyle; diamond face (narrow forehead and high cheekbones) is also suitable for “Ω type” curly hairstyle, but also pay attention to fluffy and round hair at the top; square face should thin hair at the top, and curly hair will the two sides of the face should be covered properly; the oval face, also known as “oval face”, is the most beautiful standard face type recognized by Chinese people, and any kind of curly hairstyle is suitable.

How to Choose Your Perfect Curly Hairstyle– Tips 2

Curlu hairstyle has a lot to do with body shape. For the petite women, the hairstyle with small curl is more suitable, and it is not suitable to have long hair. Different hair quality directly affects the effect of curly hairstyle. According to the characteristics, hair can be divided into rigid hair (elastic and healthy hair), dry hair (lack of oil), cotton hair (thin, soft and oily hair), sofa (broken but not straight), curly hair (commonly known as self roll)

Among them, the fresh hair is most suitable for perm, the dry hair and sofa are not suitable for perm, while the curly hairstyle can be permed straight. The nature of work and temperament is also one of the factors that should be considered when choosing a curly hairstyle. Office ladys are most suitable for the curly hairstyle with medium length and curly tail, which is suitable for work and convenient for changing hair style at work.

How to Choose Your Perfect Curly Hairstyle– Tips 3

Color is also an important element of curly hairstyle. If you can skillfully add a variety of colors to curly hairstyle, you can make the hair more prominent. However, the choice of what color to dye is limited by the individual skin color. It is more appropriate to dye red and yellow lines with ruddy complexion, and purple lines with colder complexion.

After moisturizing spray, and wide comb comb, your curly hairstyle will naturally blow to 80% dry hair with fingers. Tightly curl up the one inch wide hair until the hair ends. Adjust the hair dryer to the lowest wind speed, and blow dry from the roots to the ends until the curly hairstyle is completely dry. If time is limited, the hair can be sprayed with moisturizing spray and all combed to the back. Then the high bun will be fixed and the hair should be loosened before going out, gently tossing the head and applying some hair moistening essence.

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