31 Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair and Short Hair

Braid haircut is a hairstyle made of a bunch of hair. The common method is to weave up three hairs. When weaving, firstly, put the three hairs flat side by side, then cross the left and the middle, then cross the right and the middle. There are many kinds of braids hairstyles, which can be divided into: ponytail braids haircut, mahjong braids haircut, Horn braids haircut and many others according to the braid binding method.

The number of braids hairstyle includes single braid hairstyle, double braid hairstyle, multiple braid style, etc. According to the needs of different braids hairstyles, the weaving methods of braids are also different. The first thing that can be confirmed is that the hair of the braid must be distinguished. Moreover, it is very important to comb the hair neatly and then make it into a braid. It is also very important to braid with the same strength from the hair root to the hair tail when braiding with three straps. You need to practice more.

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