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32 Modern Gardening Planting Ideas with Flowers and Vegetables

Building a garden for your own home is a very meaningful thing. There are millions of gardening plants to choose from, and there are more ways to combine them. Let’s start from the soil for your gardening. The gardening should start from the soil, but most of us have no patience.

However, this is necessary, because soil is what essential for your gardening. Choosing a suitable place is another key to the gardening. Most of the flowers and plants can grow if there is enough sunshine. You don’t want your gardening to be in a place that hinders other activities in your yard. If this is your first gardening planting, you ‘d better start from a small garden. Anyone can build a container gardening on any scale. If the construction of your apartment or house is not allowed to break ground, this is a good choice. Gardening work should be interesting, so take your time. Any experienced gardening expert will tell you something. That is, there is always room for gardening improvement.

Perennial Gardening plantings

Many of the most beautiful flowers of the gardening will blossom every year, which means they need to be planted every year. Among them, there are the most popular three-color violet, dwarf, Phoenix and Marigold, which are highly praised for adding bright colors to the scenery. Some annual plantings are sown by themselves, or the gardeners like to call them “volunteers “. Most of the time, they will sow themselves and grow beautiful plants year after year . Then, there are two-year-old flowers. These plants have two growing periods in their life cycle.

Perennial plants and flowers make your gardening better with the growth of age. Choosing suitable planting ideas for your gardening and keeping your flowers and plants growing well can give the gardeners who make perennial gardening a pleasant journey. There are always new perennial attempts and new technology for us to learn. You will be glad to know that perennial plants will come back year after year, although some are limited to several years in your garndening. Even if they come back, you still need to take care of the perennial flowers. This includes separating them and knowing when to reduce their quantity after the growing season. With careful care, perennial plants will be the mainstay of your flower bed during your gardening planting period.

Geometry Gardening Planting Design Ideas

Geometry is the most important part of design elements in your gardening, because any concrete graph can be simplified and summarized into geometry, and geometry becomes rich and colorful due to different arrangements and combinations, even very emotional. Geometric gardening planting is also applicable to any style and any size of the garden, such as blocks, belts and walls, or cutting the plants into spherical or pyramid shape. Such geometric gardening planting design can help us optimize the planting bed, and use it as the visual focus of the garden to attract people’s attention.

Generally speaking, when we talk about gardening planting and geometry, we must think of trimming complete shrubs. But do you know? Not all gardening planting needs to be maintained by pruning. More owners prefer to plant plants that are easy to maintain, such as the loose ornamental grass in the gardening planting zone. Relatively speaking, it is easier for your garden to obtain a geometric landscape. We will present you several common and popular geometry of gardening planting design ideas. I believe that there is always one that makes you excited.

Globose Gardening Planting Design Ideas

From the perspective of vision, the spherical shape of gardening planting can bring a sense of structure and movement to the landscape, and such visual illusion can even make people mistakenly think that the spherical shrub will roll in the yard. Shrubs are trimmed into balls of different sizes and then gathered in groups, adding a sense of witty to the modern gardening. Of course, the ball can also be symbolically used to represent “the whole” or celestial elements such as the sun and the moon, giving some special meanings to the gardening planting. Spherical shrub can optimize the structure of the planting bed, and better match with reptiles and perennial plants to create a charming landscape.
Application Mode: Using spherical shrubs as gardening planting ornaments or focus landscapes, they are usually used in containers on both sides of the entrance passageway for combined gardening planting, or mixed planting with other ornamental plants in the planting bed.

Planting Belt in Gardening Planting

The plants set in the long and narrow planting bed can form a planting belt in the gardening planting, which is a bit like the vertical or horizontal lines of sweaters, and then stretch the depth of the landscape. When people cross the yard, this landscape of gardening planting will look very wide. When people walk along the planting belt, the belt will draw people’s sight to the end of the garden or a viewpoint.
The planting belt in the gardening planting can also be used as the edge decoration design of the planting bed, and its landscape features determine that it can choose the type of plants which do not need to be trimmed frequently and are easy to maintain. In the modern gardening planting shown below, the designer broke the sense of emptiness of the lawn with the ornamental grass planting belt, and added a horizontal visual taste to the path in the center of the landscape. Strategically speaking, the planting belt helps to make the gardening look wider, and at the same time guides people’s sight and creates the atmosphere of planting bed.

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