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35 Classy Home Deco Styles for Your Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom

The home decoration style is based on different cultural backgrounds and regional characteristics, and creates a unique home decoration style through various design elements. With the idea of light decoration and heavy decoration proposed by designers according to market rules, the home decoration style is mostly reflected in soft decoration.A variety of home decoration styles derived from the architectural style.

According to the different beauty and hobbies of designers and owners, there are also various illusions. Here, we would like to introduce you the most popular and classic home decoration style at present. Nowadays, the population of home decoration style is getting larger, and people’s pursuit of beauty is not limited to several original modes, and more home decoration styles begin to be classy and chic. Next, let’s list some fashionable home decorative styles to see which one you like.

European Classic and Modern Urban Style of Home Deco

European classical home deco style: mainly refers to the result of long-term integration of Greek art, Roman art, Asia Minor, Egypt and other Oriental art traditions from the formation of Byzantine art to the decline of Rococo style in the 18th century. This kind of home deco style reached its peak before and after the Renaissance. This home deco style features: luxury, strong color, calm, heavy, sense of history, more decorative.

Modern simple urban natural home deco style: it is a kind of modern style, belonging to the creation of escaping from the consciousness of industrial civilization in 1920s. In 2014, no matter the home deco style or the product, this style was very popular. Its characteristics are not as obvious as the home deco style of art change and ArtDeco, but it emphasizes the practical and simple taste, which is very attractive to consumers. Especially influenced by the international economic form, it will be particularly strong.

Delicate Life Style of Home Deco

Home deco style of Modern Luxury after Futurism: With the rapid development of industry, people yearn for the future world with some expectations and confusion. This kind of home deco style inherits Picasso’s style and is influenced by Spanish Dali’s artistic thought and pop culture. Decorative features of this kind of home deco style : a community formed by a large number of new metals, new building materials, bold use of colors and exaggerated forms of expression. For example, the Bird’s Nest is the model of futurism.

Home deco style of Delicate Life advocated by women: dominated by women’s aesthetic orientation and weakened decoration, this kind of home deco style is the personality embodiment dominated by women’s decoration in the later period. For example: gorgeous fabrics, ornaments and dolls. The intermittent falling tassel lighting; the cushion decorated with sequins and beads and the hollowed-out gauze curtain and other accessories began to be popular. Pour women’s sentimental emotions into the home deco style. The highly favored feminism is increasingly becoming a trend of the whole society.

Modern Country Style and Neoclassical Style of Home Deco

Home deco style of Modern country style: it has the feeling of retro, and is very close to French or British country style. Elegant imitation carpet, decorative cabinet decorated with flowers and vines pattern, glass carved screen, intermittent falling tassel lighting, accessories like sequins, beads, hollowed-out gauze curtains and so on are all popularelements in this home deco style, pouring the graceful and charming taste into the home space.

Home deco style of Neoclassical style: among the 10 mainstream designs, neoclassical home deco style is the one with relatively low popularity index. Strictly speaking, this kind of home deco style is a kind of reminiscence of home culture before the 19th century. It is not simply the retro of traditional culture, but the integration of classical elements into modern decoration style. this kind of home deco style is especially popular to evolve the original functions of traditional furniture, such as using double beds to make sofas and so on; some furniture of this home deco style seems to be of ordinary modern style, but because the boards are wrapped with leather with vivid textures, and it is filled with the classical atmosphere of elegance.

Bohemian Home Deco Style

Home deco style of Post-luxury: it is the continuation of Art Deco and the interpretation of modern Western luxury style. The main feature showed in Art Deco of home deco style is black, because at the beginning of this style, African ebony was used. Most of the Ebony was black or dark, and then the baking varnish gradually replaced the Ebony, the transition of this luxurious taste in home deco style to light tone, to medium color and white color is no longer the black route with gold and silver glass in the previous Art Deco.

Home deco style of Bohemian: Bohemia originally means unrestrained Gypsies and decadent intellectuals, because when people walk around the world, their styles are naturally mixed with the shadows of various nationalities in the places they have experienced. Indian embroidery sequins, Spanish stacked wave skirts, Morocco tassels and North African beads are all melted into a furnace. The refreshing sense of “exotic” is just in line with the trend of “mix and match” of various elements in home deco style. Bohemian home deco style represents an unprecedented kind of romanticism, vulgarization and liberalization.

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