35 Gorgeous Acrylic Butterfly Nails in Blue, Pink and Other Colors

This year really popularize butterfly element.

You can see it in all kinds of earrings, hair accessories.

Even the clothes have butterfly elements.

So, let’s share a set of butterfly nails today.

Besides, this year’s very popular Aurora.

Because, aurora plus butterfly nails are perfectly matched by gods.

As a result, three-dimensional butterfly nails and immortal aurora are a wonderful combination.

And that will not go wrong in any match.

Steps to Make Butterfly Nails

Next, let’s talk about buttefly nails on fingers.

You know, ring finger can choose the butterfly shape you like.

There is also a resin butterfly nails that are also very beautiful.

You can all have a try. Let’s see how to make butterfly nails.

STEP 1: Apply a thin layer of base oil after basic manicure.

STEP 2: apply a layer of nude purple nail polish.

STEP 3: remove the butterfly watermark nail stickers.

Tips to Make Butterfly Nails

STEP 4: cut out a butterfly shape you like.

Then soak it in cold water and take it out in a few seconds.

Dry with tissue. Then use tweezers to pick up the butterfly watermark stickers.

Next, with gently nail stickers. We can add some small ornaments and look down.

STEP 5: remove the tool. That is to say, white nail polish, colorful silver nail polish, nail rhinestone, brick pen.

STEP 6: point some white dots beside the butterfly with a small brick pen. Then apply a thin layer with colorful silver nail polish. Then stick some rhinestones with glue.

STEP 7: very simple, this butterfly manicure finished, you can also try it!

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