The Most Amazing Maddy and Cassie Euphoria Makeup Looks for This Season

Here is the euphoria makeup tutorial. As a novice, many girls will struggle with how to finish a complete set of euphoria makeup. For this, take advantage of the cool wind this weekend to share euphoria makeup makeup with you!

Skin Care Before Euphoria Makeup

Remember not to ignore sunscreen! Dry skin with cream, oil skin with lotion, lotion and cream are two choices, do not need to apply all!

Base Makeup for Euphoria Makeup

After finishing the skin care work, it is time to start Euphoria makeup. While the powder form applied, it is necessary to conceal the flaws. We recommend that you use a concealer or concealer. Next, you need to make up. Because make-up can make your euphoria makeup more lasting. Make-up products can choose loose powder or honey powder cake. You can also choose makeup spray.

Eye Makeup of Euphoria Makeup

Choose the eyebrow shape according to your face shape. We choose natural eyebrow here. The line can be slightly raised, and the eyebrow peak is more beautiful and natural! Are you Euphoria makeup new makeup artist? Then, we suggest that you use big earth color eye shadow that is not easy to make mistakes.

Euphoria makeup drawing method is as follows. ① Use the base color of eye shadow plate to dye the whole eye socket and lower eyelid in a large area. ② Apply the transition color to the fold part of double eyelid and 1/3 part of lower eyelid. ③ Use the deepest outline color of the eyeshadow plate and draw it on the part near the eyelash and 1/2 of the lower eyelid. (4) Finally, use the brightening color in the eyeshadow plate.

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