35 Simple and Elegant Wedding Dresses to Make You Like An Graceful Mermaid

In fact, the style of exposed shoulders is very common in wedding dresses. However, this kind of off-shoulder shirt is still a little different. It simulates the effect of falling shoulder straps. Recently, it is very popular in fashion circles. From the side, it can dreamy and effectively cover the fat.

You know the style of revealing shoulders is very fairy.

After all, not everyone has a neck socket and collarbone that can hold a string of coins. So, this kind of humanized Small shawl design comes into being.

A Wedding Dress Style to Make You Look Slim

The longer style can not only cover the fat on the arm, but also cover the meat on the waist incidentally.

Just for good looking, choose this completely transparent fairy shawl.

Want to be more retro, the Victorian style of high collar suits you, especially classical.

If you really need to hide the meat too much, this year Delphine Manivet also has a fancy coat style.

What I just said before are all umbrellas. So, what is another obvious feature of the wedding dresses in the last two seasons? Yeah, they are becoming more and more exposed. For example, Vera Wang has been wearing underwear for several seasons.

Wedding Dresses to Make You Feel Comfortable

Higher skirt, more freedom. Such a short wedding dress can dance with girlfriends without changing one.

This is the resurgence of sports style in 1930s. That is, dividing wedding dresses into tops and trousers. And that can make all the women in the audience bend for you.

Wanna buy colorful wedding dresses? You will find that there will be many pink wedding dresses next year. Who makes pink popular this year is suitable for small princesses to choose.

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