40 Elegant Wedding Cakes with Cupcakes and Flowers

It said that wedding cake first appeared in ancient Rome. The word cake comes from English, whose original meaning is flat bread. Meanwhile, it also means “happiness”. In ancient times, when the children of the rich held the wedding, they all made a specially made cake. Not only did the bridegroom and the bride eat together at the wedding banquet. But also invited the guests who celebrated the wedding to eat the cake. The guests who attend the wedding in Europe also have such a habit. That is, stacking their own spices bread on the table. And let the bridegroom and bride on both sides of the “bread Mountain, cross the mountain to kiss. The bread Mountain at this time also symbolized happiness.

At first, the cooking method of the cake was no different from that of the bread. It was a cake that made into a flat shape by kneading the milk and flour together. The wedding cake becomes more and more exquisite and luxurious. The decoration of wedding cake is also very particular. For example, covering the cake with chocolate coat. Also, using some rubber adhesive or spice additives, flowers and so on, which often needs to make by hand. The best way to influence the style of a cake is to embellish with flowers. That can change the mood reflected by the cake and give the cake a new charm. The more peculiar the flower is, the higher the price is.

Modern Wedding Cakes

More and more brides like to customize their own wedding cakes. And they are very particular about wedding cakes. Modern wedding cakes are not limited to traditional styles. Because there are many choices. There are single-layer cakes and multi-layer cakes. And there are various types such as square and round. Compared with single-layer, multi-layer wedding cake gives people a more luxurious feeling. Even if there is no rostrum, a wedding cake of such size can see every guest in a large meeting place. It will leave a deep impression on the guests.

An important choice in the wedding cake decoration is to decorate the top. The traditional top decoration is a pair of bridegroom wearing tuxedo. And the bride wearing the statue of wedding dress. In order to be unconventional, some funny decorative statues will also use. That is to leave the guests happy and beautiful memories. The decoration of the wedding cake can reflect the quality of the wedding. In spring and summer, the cake decorated with flowers is especially popular. So, is the wedding cake decorated with flowers or sugar flowers?

Decoration Methods of Wedding Cakes

In summer, hundreds of flowers are blooming. Therefore, it becomes popular to decorate wedding cakes with flowers. Replacing sugar flowers with flowers can reduce the cost of cakes. And at the same time, the beauty of cakes will not decrease, it can also add the fresh atmosphere of the wedding. Moreover, different flower materials represent different flower language. That can also add auspicious meaning to the wedding cake. Rose stands for the flower of love romantic and warm with roses of the same color. The flower language of Rano stands for the popularity. It used to decorate the cake with freshness and easygoing. The flower branches like peony show the magnanimity and nobility.

The production process of sugar flowers is complex. So the cost is a little more expensive than the wedding cake decorated with flowers. The wedding cake made by turning sugar is exquisite and luxurious. And they are all masterpieces of art of designers. The cake decorated with sugar flowers can not consider the seasonality of flowers. But candesign according to their own ideas. Besides, the flower decoration made by flipping sugar is very exquisite. Also, the plum blossom makes the wedding cake full of artistic sense. What’s more, sugar blossom decoration made by creativity makes the wedding cake unique.

Customize Your Wedding Cakes

The style of the wedding cake is not limited by many regulations. They completely depends on the personal preferences of the groom and the bride. The following items should paid attention to when customizing the wedding cake. First of all, you need to confirm the reservation through photos and so on. Make it clear to the shop assistant that you want to customize the cake. Then you need to bring along the photos or portraits in the magazine. Besides, the size and the number of guests of the meeting place should explained in detail. So that the size of the cake can measure smoothly. Second, if there is a cake with complex patterns, you should customize it as soon as possible. The time-consuming cakes should customized as soon as possible. For example, such as special patterns, tiny decorations and puff cake.

Generally speaking, one week in advance. But if the workmanship is very fine, the review should made one month in advance. The cakes with customized patterns have provided and discussed with the snack maker. Third, in a year, not all cakes can make at any time. Cakes are easy to melt. Especially in rainy season or hot summer, and most shops do not accept the reservation. And according to different seasons, some fruits may not exist either. Fourth, are you doing an outdoor wedding in a hotel? Then you can directly contact the cake rooms of each hotel to make the wedding cake. As long as you give a style, they can make a perfect wedding.

How to Cut Your Wedding Cakes

Strictly speaking, there is no need to pay attention to how many layers the cake is cut. You think, what if your cake has only one layer? Usually, the wedding cake is multi-layered. And usually the second layer of the cake forms the best joint point with the viewing angle of the guests. Therefore, the new people usually choose the second layer as the cut-in layer.
The newcomer should cut a few times on the wedding cake, but it is just a form. Just like the ribbon-cutting ceremony, one leader or representative can cut a knife or several leaders or representatives can cut several knives at the same time, how to say how to make sense. In the wedding, the new couple usually cut a knife together, and finally the wedding Angel cut it into several knives and then distribute them to the main distinguished guests and friends.

Cutting method of multi-layer cake
1) if the cake is round, you should first cut it into several concentric circles, and then cut each circle into small pieces.
2) if the cake is multi-layered, the bottom layer should be divided first, then the middle layer.
3) If there are special service personnel in the place where the cake is cut, you don’t have to cut it yourself, except for the symbolic knife at the beginning.
4) In addition, most parents have never cut a cake when they get married. It is also interesting to prepare one more cake and cut it with parents at the same time.

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