37 Bold Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes and Green Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, most people will find it particularly troublesome. So, which one is the most troublesome in eye makeup? Basically, everyone will choose the eye shadow part without saying anything. After all, eye shadow is really not easy to draw, right?

Is it OK to simply apply eye shadow brush on the eyelids? Then you are totally wrong. The painting of eye shadow is actually very particular. Today, we will analyze the painting method of eye shadow for you, so that you will never make mistakes again.

The Most Good-looking Eyeshadow Color

Eye shadow only needs to choose the color you like? But in fact, eye shadow also has matching rules. The best color matching is opposite to the color of the eyeball.

For example, if your eyeball is dark brown, you can use golden eye shadow. This plays a role in brightening the eye circumference. It can also make eyes clearer and more natural.

The Match of Eyeshadow and Eye’s Shape

Make sure that eye shadows of different colors are naturally mixed together. For example, when you use white eye shadow to brighten the eyebrow bone.

However, when dark eye shadow used to aggravate the tail of the eye, the makeup will be very stiff. Therefore, it recommended that you use eye shadow brush to mix the eye shadow of these two colors later. Apply it on the middle transition eyelid to make the makeup effect more natural.

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