38 Simple Acrylic Fall Nail Designs for Long Nails and Short Nails

For nails lovers, there are many styles of nails in autumn.

I can’t wait to make all the nails.

Unfortunately, I only have one hand!

So, today we decided to share with you “the 38 autumn nails that girls love most” .

Let’s take a look.

Gradient Nails

Gradient is one of the common nail nails. The color transition of a single nail. Or a harmonious transition of nails of multiple colors. These made the fairy gradient nails.

Cat’s Eye Nails

Cat’s Eye nails have been popular for a long time. Because there is a light pattern on the nails that looks like the pupil of a cat. Cat’s Eye nails are super durable. The light pattern on the Nails is particularly mysterious and advanced!

Dyed Nails

Dizzy nails are similar to gradient nails. Dizzy nails skillfully use colors to combine colors harmoniously. Because of the soft combination of colors, nails are more gentle and dreamy.

French Nails

French nails can say to be the most classic style. Whether it is all-match, cute round, or elegant traditional style, they are very popular.

Color Jumping Nails

Color-hopping nails can be good for many fairies. Because it is not only simple and versatile, but also looks good in everything. And very white! When you don’t want to make too complicated nails, it must be right to choose jumper nails!

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