59 Meaningful, Small and Exquisite Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

If you want to try tattoos recently, you can look at the ideas of these small tattoos. Maybe you will have some inspiration for the first tattoo.

Not all tattoos must be big and bold. You can still have a beautiful and artistic tattoo, which covers only a small area. A small design is good for the first tattoo. Because you may just want something delicate and meaningful.

We know that when you face countless choices of tattoo patterns, it is not easy to choose. This is why I want to narrow the search range to 59 fashionable tattoos. Because these tattoos may inspire you.

Exquisite Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are not necessarily big and complicated. You can find something delicate like this. It is just a small flower. Although it is small, it gives off a unique charm. A small tattoo like this can cover the arm. You can create this beautiful tattoo with any flower.

Sunshine Tattoo

Next is a small sunshine tattoo. This design is not very interesting and will not be out of date. This tattoo placed on the instep to make it look unique. It looks super cute with summer sandals. Since the Sun is a very small design, you can tattoo it on other parts of the body, not necessarily on the feet.

Ear Tattoo

If you are looking for something small and unique, then you will definitely like this one! This ear tattoo is simple but cool. The little black thread looks a bit like a kind of jewelry. There are many creative ways. For example, from different lines to the position of lines, which can use to draw this kind of tattoo.

Character Tattoo

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