40 DIY Hair Accessories Suitable for Work and Everyday

Hair accessories are important decorations of women’s heads. Because it can increase the beauty of their appearance. Most of women’s hair accessories are gorgeous and delicate. And the combed bun should decorated with flowers. Currently, famous hair accessories include popular beauty hair accessories, head color hair accessories. There are many kinds of hair accessories. And the common hair accessories mainly include hair rope, Hair band. Also, hair bunch, hairpin, headband, hairpin. The matching of hair accessories should fit the hairstyle and face shape. Besides, it should fit the whole matching style.

There are two types of hairpins. One is practical hairpin, which is mostly used to fix bun and head shape. The other type is decorative hairpins. That mostly choose materials with precious texture to make hairpins with exquisite patterns. These are specially used to comb the bun and wear them in obvious positions. The hairpin is in the middle of the bun, and some are at the root of the bun.

Hair Accessories That Are Suitable for Young Ladies

For newcomers who enter and leave the workplace, straight hair in school days is easy to be childish. We might as well try to make it into a simple pill head. Also, match it with a fashionable feminine hair accessory. It is to keep it lovely and at the same time. Besides, there is no lack of feminine in the workplace.

Seasonal hair accerssories combined with the brown hair color and the makeup. So, that highlights the eyeliner. As a result, it can make you say goodbye to the student spirit. It looks natural and casual but does not lose the sense of fashion. And perfectly shows the flavor of OL little woman at present! Here are recommendations of bonus hair accessories. Small lady-styled bow decoration with low-key and luxurious sequins embellishment. Or the eye-catching index increases greatly! It is the same matching scheme of hair accessories for dates and work!

Classical Elegant Style of Hair Accessories

The middle-length bangs of hair accessories are pressed to the back of ears by hair hoop, and the straight hair starts to curl gently at the neck socket. The length of the shawl of hair accessories is very feminine, and the wine red color is added on the basis of dark brown hair dyeing, create a young and fashionable hairstyle with gentle feminine charm! Bonus hair accessories: the camellias hair band with knitted hook flowers adds more retro flavor to the classical and elegant French medium and long curly hair.

The slanting bangs of hair accessories turn into loose braids and clip them into one side of the hair. The straight hair starts to curl into natural instant noodles from the cheekbones, and the brown and red hair color adds more fashion sense. After being thinned, the long hair of the length under the chest will not seem to be a burden, which is a fashionable curly hair showing the charm of women! Bonus hair accessories: black and white bowknot hairpin decorated with metallic sequins helps to fold the braid bangs. The low-key and gorgeous style is very suitable for the Office to dress up.

Age Reduction Hair Accessories

If you want to maintain the intellectual temperament that OL should have, and at the same time, you don’t want to look too old and dull, and make some changes in your hair style, return your youthful flavor — the obliquely divided long bangs gather along the forehead to one side, clockwise circle for half a circle and then fix it with hair accessories, and create a bulging model to increase vitality on the forehead. The end of BOB’s short hair with shoulder length can handle the effect of warping out, which adds a little bit of cute and cute to the taste of light mature women. It is a hair accessory with the effect of reducing age! Bonus hair accessories: black and white banana clips decorated with small bowknots keep the intellectual style of OL workplace, and at the same time, add a little witty to the details.

Horsetail hairstyle office is very common, it is the favorite style of capable OL! Young newcomers may as well try a crooked ponytail to add a sense of witty that matches their age. In autumn and winter hair accessories, choose brown or chestnut red to dye your hair, and combine it with dark color to add highlights to the dull dark color clothes in autumn and winter.
Bonus hair accessories: thin flower hairband with light and mature female flavor, choose low-key black, firstly contrast with hair color, secondly balance the beautiful hairstyle with crooked ponytail, the whole will not be too childish.

Delicate Woman style of Hair Accessories

It is natural to know the sexy elegant hair pull, the bangs fold up, the top part of the hair uses the haircut to help to make the bulge effect, showing the domineering of the big woman. Low-level hair bun, under the foil of hair color and clothing, makes the facial features more three-dimensional. Bonus hair accessories: add a plain lace leaf-shaped thin hair band to the domineering hair, which increases the feminine taste and does not lose the sense of fashion. It becomes the perfect overdecoration between the bangs and the top hair.

The ball head without bangs, loose hair, soft hair color and the combination of three elements to create a fresh, sweet and energetic model perfectly, which is the favorite of young OL in autumn and winter. This simple hairstyle which can be done in three minutes is very versatile! Matching different clothes can not only give off the beauty of ladies, but also make you look capable! Bonus hair accessories: the wide hair band with retro printed pattern adds a distinctive retro exotic style to the common meatball head. Of course, you can also choose the lace pattern style to create the image of a lady in the workplace.

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