40 Graceful Acrylic Coffin Nail Designs for Long Nails and Short Nails

Girls will change their styles every month on average. Imagine, you sit in front of a manicure shop and turn over the color plate. Then you will always entangled with a little greedy trouble to make a style. In fact, if you are hesitant, choose acrylic coffin nails. The style of fingernails is just icing on the cake. When it comes to color matching, it won’t seem too abrupt if you choose the appropriate color. So here is the summary. As long as the color matching of the nail style is correct. Then acrylic coffin nails can make you beautiful for a whole month.

Acrylic coffin nails cold color style: cold color includes blue-green, blue-cyan, blue-purple. Putting the cold hue on the fingertips gives people a cool feeling. Girls who love punk style and sexy style will prefer this kind of color matching. Here is the warm tone style of acrylic coffin nails. You know, warm tone colors are purple, red, orange, yellow orange and yellow. Warm tones are suitable for lovely and cute girls. Every time I see my hands with warm colors, I can always think of girls who are in big bangs. Besides, acrylic coffin nails give people the feeling of intimacy and warmth. Also, joy, liveliness and so on.

Acrylic Coffin Nails in French Style

French acrylic coffin nail is a kind of crystal acrylic coffin nail, with white or light pink extension in the front of the nail. It is suitable for daily life, for example, acrylic coffin nails are low profile in the office, and it is relatively noble. So the price is higher, just like LV’s bag. Of course, there is no lack of fake back, crystal powder and white shell powder.

It is of course not harmful if it is only applied on fingernails, and it will be uncomfortable if you go to the exclusive shop to buy it. Fingers feel that it is not convenient to twist the towel, wear clothes and type. Moreover, it is very harmful to fingernails. It is easy to fall off when doing housework. As for the damaged acrylic coffin nail, generally do not leave long fingernails, which is easy to break. Don’t rubacrylic coffin nail polish, hard nail polish or something like that, and it is not good for fingernails. Let it grow naturally and get less touch with chemicals, like washing and washing hair and wearing gloves, it will be better. The growth speed of fingernails depends on one’s physical condition, about two or three months. Be careful not to polish again.

Steps to Make Acrylic Coffin Nails

Step 1: Apply nude and blue acrylic coffin nail polish on your fingernails.
Step 2: as shown in the figure, use manicure lines to stick trapezoid on fingernails.
Step 3: As shown in the figure, apply nude nail polish on the blue acrylic coffin nails, and apply blue nail polish on the nude fingernails.
Step 4: Take off the nail polish after applying the nail polish.
Step 5: draw the outline of the stairs by using nail polish to dip silver nail polish.
Step 6: apply a layer of transparent nail polish to finish it.

Simple Acrylic Coffin Nails

Many girls don’t like too many complicated patterns and colors on their hands. This type ofacrylic coffin nail is neither too high-profile nor low-key, simple and crude, and has a feeling of fluttering fairy beauty without knowing! It also looks white, which makes people feel very comfortable. Don’t you feel that you are full of my own personal charm when you raise your hands? Don’t you feel that you are fascinated by others in details without any effort!

Transparent acrylic coffin nails are full of fairiness, a white dress suitable for summer, with a light shape full of maiden feeling. White skin looks whiter. Embellished with decorations for acrylic coffin nail such as gold foil, Pearl, flash powder and so on, making fingernails look particularly attractive. If you like this kind of crystal texture acrylic coffin nail pattern, these pictures will bring you new inspiration. There must be your favorite style in these kinds of nail shapes. Make yourself a elegant and gentle fairy manicure.

Unique Acrylic Coffin Nails

Not only is it simple, but acrylic coffin nail can also be unique! The gradient background color matches the glittering diamond accessories, which are also fresh and extraordinary! If you want the background color of the acrylic coffin nail to be more lively and bright, it can also be like this. It’s not easy to talk about being cute, and the freshness is naturally at your fingertips. This kind of acrylic coffin nail can be easily matched with any style you want, and its plasticity is very strong. While it is so simple, which is simpler than those manicure with complex colors and various patterns, it doesn’t lose a bit of beauty at all!

The combination of golden and milky white for acrylic coffin nail is full of dreamlike feeling, making fingernails luxurious with three-dimensional decorations. Milky White is painted with the front-end as the background, and the shape of stars and moon and concise geometric figures create an exotic style, which is decorated with blue nail polish to improve the brightness of fingernails.

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