80 Braids Hairstyles for Goddess with Knotless Box and Long Box

Spring is coming. The fashionable short hair cut a few months ago becomes longer. So, the length is awkward… It’s a little hot again… I don’t know what to do? Then come to learn stars. Short hair can also Braid, Don’t let your imagination limit your fashion! Recently, stars are fond of short hair and small plaits. No matter they go out or take street photos, they wear braids. As a result, it makes people feel agile and handsome, casual and comfortable. That is like a refreshing breath of spring blowing on their faces. When attend activities, they also give priority to hair dressing and small balls. The blasted hair looks extraordinarily flexible and light. And with the messy and fluffy bangs of beauty lines, it modifies the face shape. Also, reveals the facial features and shows the super beautiful neck curve!

In this era of popular mix and match, Braid has also found its own new way out. In the past, when you tied two braids, you would laugh at. Now you see, it’s all fairy’s heart! In the early spring series of Prada 2020, the two braids of the model are really a joke and have some memory points. With light tulle plus stockings, it stitches lace chiffon. Besides, and other elements to create a girl’s dream. Wear lace and braid. Don’t think that only a gorgeous hairstyle is worthy of lace. This kind of ground-style mix and match is so beautiful that you can’t open your eyes.

The Newly popularized Boxer Braids

At the beginning of the year, I saw the makeup and hair of the show. Then I knew that braids would be especially popular this year. As expected, braids became popular all over the world in less than 3 months. Of course, I am not talking about braids, and the boxer braids called “boxer braid. Next is the difference between the boxer braid and the ordinary ordinary braid. The boxer braid sticks to the scalp in the way of Scorpion braid from the top of the head to the tai. However, ordinary braided braids start from the back neck.

In fact, at the beginning of this year, the momentum of boxing hand-made has begun to take shape. Then let’s discuss the origin of boxer braids. You know that many female boxers will bundle their hair into this kind of clean and tidy style. But recently various stars on ins have also developed this kind of hairstyle. Topic Queen card Dai Shan family loves this hairstyle even more. But then again, whether you are a La Ma or a child, boxer braids are all versatile. Children also need to comb this hairstyle, which is cool and cute.

A Collection of Multiple Braids

When you have a certain degree of skin exposure, you will feel very sexy. And the plasticity of braids is very strong. Moreover, this braids hairstyle is not very fastidious about the amount of hair. No matter it is thick or thin, you can try it. And the effect of braids is not bad. If you change the color of braids, you will feel like a second dimension. In addition to two boxer braids, it can also developed into a collection of multiple braids. Such a versatile, cute and cool boxer braid has recommended for so long.

If you don’t attach a tutorial, you will be a rogue. So we specially attach a braids tutorial. First, divide the hair into two sides, and fix the other side with rubber band when weaving the first side. Second, start from the top of the head. Then take three small pieces of hair as number 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Number 2 covers number 1 and number 3 covers number 2. Third, the most important step! Take another strand of hair next to number 1 as number 4. And combine a strand of hair with number 3. Similarly, take a strand of hair next to number 2 as number 5 to cover number 1 and number 4. Fourth, repeat Step 3, braid until the end of the hair. Then finish the braid according to the normal three-strand braid. Or multiple-strand braid method.

Some Braids Tutorials 1

Always envy the beauty of others’ braids? As soon as I started, I always asked: how is this made up? This time we use the moving picture to show you enough.

Scorpion braid: braid while grabbing hair from both sides, it is the easiest scorpion braid. It can be operated simply regardless of hair thickness. Braid: starting from the top of the head, you will find that the scorpion braid is so easy to braid while adding your hair in. Two braids: after the hair is tied into ponytail, it is divided into two strands, twisted in two directions respectively, and then twisted together. Tighten the hair tail. Fishbone braid: divide the hair into two parts. When weaving, you should take out a lock from the left side and put it on the right side, then take out a lock from the right side and put it on the left side. After weaving, you can loosen it with your hands.

Some Braids Tutorials 2

Side braid: Weave a braid on the left side, and after the braid on the right side is also braid, two strands are combined into one strand and then braid into Fishbone, and then loosen it. Four braids: The hair is divided into four parts, and the braids that are combed have more stereoscopic impression. No matter you go out or take part in activities at ordinary times, you will not be in the gas transmission field. Flower hair curling: First of all, the hair should be divided into two parts. The upper half of the hair should be braided into braids respectively on the left and right sides. After the rest part is coiled into a bun, the hair should be fixed around the bun. Side braid: weave slightly loose scorpion braids from one side, and weave the lower waist to loosen the hair.

Hair braiding meatball head: for such a hairstyle, you need to lower your head first, start to braid your hair from the root of your hair, and comb the rest of your hair into meatball head over your head when you braid it halfway. Fish bone flower braid: weave two fish bone braids from the two sides of the head to intersect behind the brain, and then continue to comb the remaining hair into fish bone braids after being round. Braid the tail of the lobster: first braid the hair at the root of the hair, and then wrap the hair around the braid, then tighten the tail of the hair to present a natural effect of the lobster tail.

A Simple Small Braid Style

The small braid can also adjust the height of the top of the skull to make the head look more plump and round, which not only solves the embarrassing problem of hair length, but also unconsciously improves the beauty! When she was traveling, she also wore a pair of ponytails. Xiaoxiao was very cute to reduce her age, and it was easy to operate without losing the sense of modelling. Low ponytail for short hair in the “embarrassing period”, this should be the most appropriate and smart way to deal with it! However, when pricking, try to leave some broken hair to make it easier and more casual.

Although it is a simple small braid, the fashion is not discounted at all. If you are also in the period of short hair, you might as well learn from these stars to make the changeable small braids, welcome the warm spring ~ stars with short hair and short hair are always textbooks for walking. The slightly messy and tall plait on the left makes the shape of the back of her head very three-dimensional and beautiful. The shredded hair left on her forehead has a maiden-like fluff feeling, which is very suitable for her, on the right side, add the side hair to the hair. When you shoot the side, you will be more careful.

Representative Stars with Braids

Only when braids and rubber bands are together can they shine brilliantly. The colorful skin and muscles of childhood returned and were moved to the International T-stage. You can choose the color matching that cannot be used to make the overall color system brighter. Stars demonstrate braid tide.

Margot Robbie: this woman who made Ronaldo show her love publicly is not only naturally beautiful but also quite thoughtful when she dresses up. If you loosen your braid and use it to walk on the red carpet, you won’t lose. Gigi Hadid: even if there is a bad face on the street, people should also see the girl’s heart in my heart. Bella Hadid: If you don’t know what hairstyle to wear next time, just tie a braid like Bella. Audrey Gelman: I have passed the age of ignorance, but you can still use braids to express your innocence. Nicky Hilton: It looks like the King of eyes during vacation. It seems that my little braid is going to start a new career!

Ponytails with Simple Braids

The star’s semi-meatball and low ponytail are all models that can be used for reference for short and medium hair. The key point is that her broken hair has been treated with curly hair, and with the air bangs, soften the lines of the whole face, and then apply a touch of pink lips to make it sweet. Stars can use bright-eyed hair bands with high-pricked pineapple braids to have a strong sense of vacation, which is especially suitable for girls who are ready to travel in spring. If you want to make your face look smaller, you must set aside some bangs. You can learn how to roll into wool roll or C roll! Hair braids can also change different positions. Side braids + low braids are retro and attractive. Strength proves that short hair can also play with changeable shapes!

Some stars’ dirty braids make the whole hairstyle more layered! Her short hair was tied up high, and the left hair in front of her was woven into clusters of small braids, which changed her usual quiet and low-key feeling, and completely inspired her delicate little woman’s side. She was very young and changeable! Hair Dressing is more playful and more difficult, which is especially suitable for lovely girls with more funny temperament. Add small plaits to the side hair to make the black hair look not so stuffy, and the lovely feeling of small plaits can also reflect the sweet and lovely facial features! The Pigtail of naitou looks more funny and suitable for parties or sea trips.

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