42 Simple and Creative Makeup Looks in Pink and Blue for This Season

It’s almost October in a flash. In just one year, many different makeup looks have been popular. Today, I will show you the most popular makeup looks in 2020.

The simplest thing is to apply this kind of flash sequins on the eyelids. And the pieces are obviously quite flexible.

The first is an already-ins lit for a long time of makeup looks new term “dewy dumplings”. Yes, that’s the Boiled dumplings! And this kind of makeup looks better and better!

Or cut the shape directly with sequin tape and paste it on the eyelids.

This kind of makeup looks created by the famous makeup artist Nam Vo. At first, it was Supermodel Rosie who found Nam Vo to create an exclusive makeup looks for herself. Therefore, the# dewy dumpling# makeup looks created. And then discovered by the public and gradually spread to all parts of the world.

If you put on such makeup looks, you will look like “appetite”. Also, have a full and translucent glossiness on your skin. Looks like the skin is in super good condition.

The makeup looks like sequin makeup. I believe everyone is no longer unfamiliar with it. It’s super shiny.

It can also apply to the cheek, forehead and other parts to make your whole face shine.

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