42 Unique Tattoo Patterns for Women and Men

Maybe everyone once expected that they could make a decision. They hope that they would never regret for a lifetime, like tattoos. The influence brought by this decision may accompany us for a lifetime. Everyone’s experience is unique. These experiences will bring you different thoughts and personalities. Tattoo artists hope a certain degree of communication with the tattooed people. You know, these private, the unique things become symbols and endow to one’s own tattoo works. So the tattoo made in this way is more meaningful to the individual.

In the whole tattoo work, painting accounts for one point. And design accounts for two points. Besides, the most important thing is that communication accounts for seven points. The main purpose of communication is to understand the customer’s stories and emotions. The so-called story is the original intention of a person’s tattoo. And it will decide what the visual symbol is finally presented. And according to the personal temperament, then choose the appropriate elements to deform. Finally according to the body structure of the person. Also, the lines should be in the appropriate position.

Creative Tattoo Patterns from an Artist–Part 1

You know, laymen think that tattoos are just the differences of patterns. In fact, tattoos have been trying hard to innovate. Today, I bring you some unique tattoo ideas. The patterns can imitate, but the designs and ideas are absolutely novel enough!

When discussing the pattern with customer, Dave suggested to make a simple skeleton. However, the customer had a whim. So, he asked Dave if Dave could present the skeleton in the way of red and blue lines alternately, just like a 3D image! Then the following tattoo was born. Later, after Dave put this picture in Instagram, a lot of guests said in the comments that this 3D design was so cool. So that they also needed to print one!

Creative Tattoo Patterns from an Artist–Part 2

Most of the patterns Dave designed for the guests have clear lines. And the composition is clean and simple. So even if the Red and Blue lines alternate, the pattern shape can be clearly seen. However, before you are in a hurry to buy a pair of 3D glasses to try, here is a tips. That is, Dave reminds everyone that this so-called 3D effect is not suitable for skin! Even if you wear 3D glasses, it is impossible to see the 3D effect like watching a movie. However, compared with the ordinary tattoo design, the return rate of 3D tattoo is high!

Is it true that many people are really frightened when they see the first picture. “Can such a large piece of colorful ink wash off after splashed on my arm?” Although the color matching is fantastic and starry. But when I saw the second picture, I was sure that this was the legendary ink painting, which was art! It is really hard to imagine that this kind of painting-like ink-blowing design. And smoke pattern are unexpectedly strewed on the skin! Although the style is too unruly and wild, artists who seek uniqueness must love it!

Classy Tattoo Patterns for Ordinary People–Part 1

Of course, in addition to the arbitrary ink, this paint design is also very natural and lifelike. However, for ordinary people, splash ink is still recommended for embellishment. Because it’s with graphics and letters as the main patterns. This makes it easier to HOLD. Such dizzy colors add to the icing on the cake, which won’t make people really think that your tattoo has faded! See the rainbow represents good luck? Then you must be very happy to tattoo such a beautiful rainbow on your body. The common rainbow tattoo, like the “paint” tattoo on it, pieces together the 7 colors that make up the rainbow. However, the dreamy rainbow pattern recently seen by the editor is a “rainbow”. It’simitating the reflection of sunlight on the skin “.

However, in the view of laymen, the color matching of rainbow tattoos must be very difficult! In particular, is the color matching of the back like gouache painting? And the effect that the surrounding colors fade away really done manually? These trendy tattoos may not be acceptable to everyone. But compared with some traditional popular tattoos, their attraction may be much higher! Moreover, this kind of tattoo is not very large. Those who like Xiaoqingxin and fun might as well have a try ~

Classy Tattoo Patterns for Ordinary People–Part 2

Here, you don’t have to worry about your tattoo and someone on the Street crash. Because all the tattoo patterns taken out from this studio are unique in the world. Besides, because a tattoo is equivalent to a “imprint of life”. In-depth communication need before the tattoo. nd some customers may tell their own experiences like telling stories.

In general, tattoos only use as a separate work. But when they integrate with the background, they will become thinking. A group of exquisite and beautiful tattoo art with unique style. Tattoos will fade and deform, but they will never disappear. Even if you wash it, it will leave a permanent scar. This is exactly the most unique Meaning of tattoo. Once the tattoo is on, it will always belong to a part of the tattoo, no matter it is spirit or flesh. And it will leave a permanent mark. For literati, it is not only a good-looking pattern on their bodies. But also a symbol condensed by the beautiful memory of the past. The unshakable determination and the thriving expectation of the future. What matters is not the tattoo pattern, but the meaning symbolized behind it.

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