50 Colorful Gel Nail Designs for Short Nails and Long Nails

Do you remember the last time you made gel nails? The delicate gel nails made for the Spring Festival have already disappeared. And some left bad tails. Is it digging, tearing, or biting. Since you can’t go to a nail salon, then learn simple and fashionable gel nails at home! Move your fingers here. Then you will find there are countless beautiful patterns of gel nails in the spring and summer of 2020. Although gel nails are beautiful. Manicurists have to make patterns of gel nails for several hours. We can choose to give up directly. We have selected the most fashionable, popular and simple gel nails for you!

Now, let’s move to skin-penetrating gel nails. Transparent base matches simple elements. As a result, it presents a clean and transparent style of gel nails. Apply a layer of soft and transparent nail polish on the surface. And superimpose abstract symbols or patterns on the surface of gel nails. This style of gel nails is very popular among ins bloggers. Because the base of gel nails is relatively simple and pure. Then it will be very cool even if you randomly click a few strokes on the gel nails.

Gel Nails of Simple Color Blocks–Part 1

Gel nails of simple color blocks: simple gel nails that can draw by beginners in seconds. As long as you choose 1~3 colors you like and draw dots at will. If you like the color block gel nails which are a little bit obvious, you can make them feel like French. In spring, the color of gel nails must jump. And the refreshing striped gel nails must arrange! You can draw an ultra-simple thin transverse pattern. And you can also superimpose color blocks and striped gel nails.

Interesting graffiti gel nails: Tulip gel nails must have a name, simple and advanced. You can draw alone or match other color blocks, no mistake in drawing! Also, you can draw your favorite patterns of gel nails according to your mood. That is from the never-out smiling face gel nails to the classic leopard print gel nails. These are all good choices. Next, it’s Adhesive paper wind gel nails. Gel nails with Mickey Mouse and CAT & JERRY patterns that cannot missed. In addition, gel nails with SNOOPY pattern are also one of the fashion hot spots this year! These provid to you who like simple patterns.

Gel Nails of Simple Color Blocks–Part 2

Glittering gel nails: similar to the color reflected by the glass under the sun, the transparency is slightly lower than that of the skin-penetrating gel nails. Whether it is single or gradually daub, this gel nails are very small and fresh, belonging to the color of standard spring! Young girl, you must take notes! Single color gel nails: you can deliberately not fill up the nail polish of this texture, and the gel nails can also be trimmed a little shorter. Gradient gel nails of the same color system: beginners can only apply them in the middle of the gel nails, as if they form a gradient with the base layer. Skilled people can choose gel nails with the same color gradient. Candy color mix and match gel nails: waving, is this gel nails Super Match Spring? Candy color small area color block superposition or vertical gradient layer is good.

Classy gel nails: Another name of traditional phototherapy nails, the difference is that the color is fuller and brighter. This gel nails are very suitable for full coating. If you want to have a sense of surprise, you can use gel nails with transparent patterns to interweave. Ice cream solid color gel nails: The most direct and simple way to make your fingertips feel the spring is this. Contrast color series gel nails: people who like contrast color should not miss such a color scheme of gel nails. It is also possible to match the four colors with fashion. Transparent X solid color gel nails: Don’t you like boring and single gel nails? Can be interspersed with some simple adhesive paper or graffiti, or two hands with different styles to try!

9 Key Points to Make Gel Nails Successfully

If you want gel nails without failure, remember 9 key points:

  1. Choose the shape of gel nails that suit you and you like. The universal style is round gel nails!
  2. After trimming the shape of the gel nails, it will reach the edge of the nails. Be sure to file in the same direction, especially the side.
  3. If you want to clean gel nails, you should clean them with polishing water or alcohol before applying nail polish.
  4. Don’t color the nail polish directly after shaking, there will be bubbles. It can be rolled or shaken before repairing gel nails.
  5. To make your gel nails look flawless, the best is to color them thin and evenly. Multi-layer and thin coloring can make the nail polish dry quickly, and can only be painted with three layers at most.
  6. The basic order of applying gel nails nail polish is: apply the middle first and then apply the two sides.
  7. If you want nail polish to dry quickly, you can use a hair dryer, but use cold air instead of hot air.
  8. If you accidentally apply it to the outside, there is a quick remedy: dip it in smooth water with a stick with a flat end, and remove the accidentally applied nail polish along the edge of the gel nails.
  9. For gel nails that you have worked so hard to complete, you must use your usual good habits to prolong the durability, so hand cream is necessary!

The Most Popular Gel Nail Art

With the popularity of personalized gel nails, gel nails are becoming more and more popular as a simple, fast, harmless and changeable way of gel nails. Because it is not only a simple gel nails sticker, anyone can simply and conveniently match the gel nails they want, so gel nails are very popular among consumers. Through elastic and soft nail polish, various delicate gel nails can be designed, and various new gel nails will be released according to different themes in each season.

As the most popular nail art, gel nails are dried and reinforced by UV nail art lamps, it is about 2~3 weeks longer than the existing nail polish in form, luster and color. Because you can choose various styles of gel nails according to your own preferences, it has been the main trend of nail art for many years. However, because nails have side effects of thinning and splitting if used frequently, in order to improve this situation, the gloss and durability of gel nails can be maintained at present, various types of products that can make up for the shortcomings of gel nails are constantly coming on the market.

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